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PS3 version

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Hi, fellow magicians.

I'm sorry if this is a duplicated request, but as far as I could see in a quick seary rech I didn't see anybody requestion this yet. Considered you've done a hellajob with PSP and PS2, would a PS3 version require a lot to be "compiled"?

TIA and keep up the great work (aka: many compliments!!!),


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comment:1 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

It is not a such a duplicate request (although there is this forum post: <>), but still one we can't do anything about.

Creating a port to a new system is a major task which requires intimate knowledge of the target system. New ports of ScummVM are usually not created because we "decide" to create them. Rather, a dedicated volunteer with that required knowledge steps up and creates the port, joining the team in the process. Be assure, if any of our existing team members had the knowledge and other resources (like time) to create a PS3 port, it would already exist...

... except for the other matter, which is that of legality. Like, whether there is a legal way to put binaries on the PS3. It is my understanding that Linux runs on the PS3, so I guess "somebody" could port ScummVm to that linux, which should be relatively easy. However, I doubt that it's possible to (legally) create "native" applications for the PS3 without licensing an SDK from Sony, which would be incompatible with the GPL, the license under which we develop ScummVM.

As such, I am closing this request. Not because we are not interested in a PS3 port, but rather, because we are the wrong people to ask for one :). However, if you do find somebody with the resources to create a legal ScummVM port for PS3, we'll be happy to collaborate with that person.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

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comment:3 by SF/emc_2u2, 16 years ago

Thank you, Fingo.

I perfectly understand (and support) your answer to my question, and I wasn't trying to push the porting at all, I just thought a PS3 version would have been "on the way" to get released considered all of you involved in this development project have mastered to release almost all of the known platforms in this world... ;-)

And you're also right also when mentioning Linux support in PS3, and, in theory, other OS's, so, if I might give at least a little help, I'll inform this community on exactly what Linux version(s) PS3 supports (with all necessary details), but I first said to myself "Hey, who am I to inform, even a little, these gurus?" ;-) Seriously, if that is a welcome info by you people, I'd be honored to do this.

Once again, you're also right when referring to the Sony's license to develop native PS3 apps, so I didn't even think of doing that, my bad in expressing my thoughts, sorry, but my question was really this "is there a way to boot PS3 with a(ny) OS on which SCUMMVM runs and, preferably, doing that in auto mode like it would appear as a "single app" by itself?".

TIA again and thank you so very much for the time you invested in answering me.



comment:4 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: Port: PS3
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