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WINCE: Disable mouse, menu, keyboard

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There should be an option in the ini-file (WinCE) where you can disable the mouse cursor (it's in the way!) and the menu automatically upon start.
Also, I'd like it to be possible to be able to slide out my keyboard when entering e.g. for the copy-protection in Monkey 2, and not having the virtual keyboard pop up everytime. Keyboard support is already in the AGI engine, when not in the Scumm?

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Summary: Disable mouse, menu, keyboardWINCE: Disable mouse, menu, keyboard

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by SF/knakos

Which menu would that be? The launcher?

FYI, you can type numbers for monkey2 with the keyboard just fine.

About the virtual keyboard popping up: I'm not that sure about its' bypassing. It's there for convenience and adding an option to kill this behavior is on the verge of code bloat. Point taken though.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by SF/thanius

Not the launcher, but rather the in-game menu (the one with the orientation monkey, etc). I have to manually assign buttons for everything and mash them everytime I launch scummvm.

Re virtual keyboard: Well, it's actually nice not having to flip out the hardware keyboard everytime you start monkey2 (not that often nowadays), but it should at least disappear after inputting the numbers.

These are all convenience- and consmetics issues, so I understand it's low prio. My two cents, anyways.

comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by SF/knakos

Well you can make the toolbar go away by double tapping near the top of the screen until it's gone :-)

All will be taken under consideration, don't worry. Thanks for your feedback.

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