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MI1 Amiga: choose actor palette

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There are two different versions of the Amiga executable (disply wise). One displays the actors exactly like the EGA graphics, the other one displays them with the colors known from the Amiga versions of ealier EGA titles, ie. have slightly brighter pink and gray for instance. There are screenshots at mobygames, which apparently are taken from the other executable, which ScummVM doesn't emulate yet:

Using the render mode settings "EGA" and "Amiga" for this makes sense to me. Just as you can do this for all the 16 color PC EGA, Atari ST and Amiga games, except, in this case the switch would affect the actor sprites only and won't touch the backgrounds.

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Game: Monkey Island 1

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Ugh, just 15 years later, I would appreciate the comparison screenshots. Mobygames shows all normal skin colors.

comment:5 by dwatteau, 2 years ago

@sev: I think this is related to this thread, where there are some screenshots:

see also LogicDeLuxe's comment at the end of the first page.

It looks like there's a version where Guybrush is a bit pale, and a second one where he has that sunburnt effect.

I do have the Amiga version (because Limited Run Games included it in its anthology), but I personally don't know more about this.

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