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Supporting Broken Sword Ita Audio Files on the cutscenes

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Playing (perfectly, and i wish make my best compliments for it) on ScummVm the italian version of the game, i've seen that the video cutscenes are only dubbed in english. With Rad Video Tools i could extract the italian audio dub of the videos, so that the Italian version of the game would be fully supported. The only thing is that i don't know what to use for making Ogg Vorbis-ScummVm compliants audio files.

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comment:1 by SF/clemty, 19 years ago

you need an ogg vorbis encoder, I think it is called oggenc [.exe], put it into the same directory as the scummvm tools (can't tell you more, not at my computer right now)

I have the italian sound files somewhere at home, may be able to post a link later on so you can just download them

also this request looks as if the forums are the right place to post about it

hope that helps, clem

comment:2 by SF/lorenzgr, 19 years ago

I've posted because i would like donate these extracted files only for making the Italian version of the game fully supported. I understand perfectly the english and i can say that the original dubs on the cutscenes are far away better than the italian counterpart... I was thinking that the italian version of the game is not so popular, so if the project needs these files now that i know how to do to encode i can send them. Thanks for the infoes, Clem.

comment:3 by SF/clemty, 19 years ago

don't remember where I got that file from, but here's the ITA audio in .ogg:

to encode your own version:

(I think the intro and credits animation is different in each localized version too, the text is in english/german/whatever afaik)

hope that helps, clem

comment:4 by SF/lorenzgr, 19 years ago

Thanks again!

comment:5 by SF/lorenzgr, 19 years ago

So, summing up: 1 The Ita audio files are already supported in ScummVm 2 The Ita audio files are already available on the net What's left? Probably only a link on the official ScummVm page...

comment:6 by SF/clemty, 19 years ago

1) ScummVM doesn't really need to know which language the .ogg files are in - you could even rename your favorite .ogg music files and let them play :-), so any language would be supported 2) The sound files are already available, like I said changed video files are not (so the conversion is not 100% perfect)

Yeah, pretty much only links to the packages are left to do; as a side note I did the same for the German version months ago and there's still no link to be found :-)


comment:7 by sev-, 19 years ago

We've put French, German and Italian add-on packs to downloads (linked from, so this item is closed.

Though we decided to put just .ogg files and not language-specific intro.mp2 and credits.mp2. Yes, it is not complete conversion. But the problem with this is web space. We're quite overfilled usual 100MB quota (just sligthy in more that 2x times :) ), so if you'll suggest a proper permanent free hosting for .mp2 files, it will be very appreciated.

comment:8 by sev-, 19 years ago

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comment:9 by SF/clemty, 19 years ago

I assume the German files come from my zip file/website I'll try to keep those cutscenes permanently up there, including videos.


comment:10 by digitall, 6 years ago

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