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Screengrab saves as [gamename].bmp

Reported by: SF/thunderpeel2001 Owned by: fingolfin
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Hi! I'd really love to see the following enhancement
added to the next version of ScummVM, and I think it
would be very easy to add as well!

Right now you can press ALT+S to take a screengrab in
.bmp format that is saved in the root directory of
ScummVM. It would be REALLY useful for me (and most
likely others too) if instead of saving:
scummvm00001.bmp, scummvm00002.bmp, scummvm00003.bmp etc.

It would be cool if it saved as the names stored in
ScummVM.ini. For example: monkey00001.bmp if you were
running Monkey Island 1. Or atlantis0001.bmp if you
were running Fate of Atlantis. Even usemade names
within the ScummVM.ini file too!

It would be really great if this could be added!

Thanks a lot!

- Johnny

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comment:1 by sev-, 15 years ago

Is this feature really so useful? I mean that it is
generally used extremely rare. And even if you need to make
shots of few games in a row, why not use multitasking
facility of your OS and switch from ScummVM to app which
will let you move files or do mass-rename?

After all, you can't run more than one game in a row now,
ScummVM quits after you exit a game. This is yet-planned
feature to return back to launcher and will require a lot of
labor work, so not anytime soon.

comment:2 by SF/thunderpeel2001, 15 years ago

If you're collecting grabbed images for a website, or even
just images over a period of time, you'll find your
ScummVM.ini filled with "ScummVM000xx.bmp" files and it's
very annoying to have to shift through them one at a time.
It would be much more functional if the files were saved in
a "screengrab" dir off the root. It would be even more
functional if they reflected the process that was running
when they were grabbed.

It's not that much code --change "scummvmxxxxx.bmp" to

It really would be helpful if ScummVM did this, although I
understand that it's hardly a priority!


comment:3 by sev-, 15 years ago

Just browsed the sources. Screenshot dumping is only SDL
backend feature and of course backend knows nothing about
game it's running and shouldn't know actually.

So only solution at present time is to propagate running
target name to backend which is not feasible.

That means that unfortunately this feature will not be
implemented unless somebody will do evil trick with name

comment:4 by SF/khalek, 15 years ago

This sounds uneeded. Time to close this?

comment:5 by SF/thunderpeel2001, 15 years ago

It is needed! :( If you use this option it's very annoying
at the moment. If you start deleting bmps you don't need
then the new ones get inserted inbetween the older ones.

This is a very useful feature for some people (like me) who
use these images for websites or whatever, but I understand
its not very important to most users. Please don't close it!


comment:6 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

The screenshots are just a quick&dirty hack anyway. If you
want "proper" screen shots, just use an external tool for
your OS.

We have no clean way to implement this feature, and we do
not think it is important or even useful. Closing this

comment:7 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

Owner: set to fingolfin
Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

comment:8 by SF/thunderpeel2001, 14 years ago

Why are you constantly rude, fingolfin? Do you get off on
the little power you have? I've already explained why it IS
useful to ME. Is it likely that I'm the ONLY person in the
entire world who would find it useful?

What's the difference between using an external tool for my
OS and the inbuilt Alt-S system? How would this solve my
problem? Adding another program into the equation would not
make things any easier!

I understand that it may not be technically viable and why
you want to close this item, but there's no need for your
attitude. This feature would be useful, whether you can
grasp why, or not.

comment:9 by sev-, 14 years ago

As I see that is you who is rude. Fingolfin is the project
co-leader. Besides you seem to miss part where I explained
technical details.

Also tell us how much did you pay to use ScummVM so that
gave you right to blame any volunteer here?

And now listen whether you can grasp. This feature now will
be pay-only especially for YOU as the only person who would
find it useful. Donate amount of money which will be enough
to buy FM-TOWNS games on eBay which we badly need now (see
buglist) and we will gladly implement this for you. Or
donate us such game. Hint: usual prices are $150-$300.

Thanks for your attention.

comment:10 by fingolfin, 14 years ago

thunderpeel2001, quite frankly, I do not understand why you
are being so extremely rude and offensive yourself. In fact
even after re-reading my comment, I do not understand what
was "rude" about it. Maybe it was a bit terse and I could have
elaborated longer about why exactly the item was closed, but
essentially I was just summing up what had been said earlier.

I think anybody reading this tracker items comment history
will easily be able to judge themselves who's being rude here,
but I still feel compelled to respond...

First off: I stated that our screenshot code is only a
quick&dirty hack (that might be considered a rude comment
against our own code quality, at most :-). The point there
being: It was never intended to be a full featured tool, nor
do we have any intentions in that direction; to the contrary,
we might decide to remove this hack some day again. Period.
No rudeness, no offense, nothing, just stating the situation.

Then I stated that we have no clean way to implement this
feature. This merely summarized what Eugene explained

Finally I stated that we have no intentions to implement the
feature since *we* do not consider it important or useful
to *us*, which is why the item was closed. Again, merely an
explanation for your sake (I could have simply closed this
item w/o any comment). Mind you, I did *not* call it useless
on a global level; I merely stated how *we* judge it for
*our* purposes. Of course I fully am aware that you consider
the feature important/useful, else you wouldn't have filed a
request for it, would you? I think my choice of words was
quite clear there, even though I am not a native speaker.

We get many feature requests here. Some we implement; some
we leave open and hope to implement some day; some we reject
because they are silly and pointless; some we reject because
they do not match the goals of our project. This particular
one falls into the last category I mentioned. If you are
happy with this, I am sorry, but that's no excuse to get
insulting, is it?

comment:11 by SF/thunderpeel2001, 14 years ago

I'm sorry if I came across as rude, but I was reacting to
what seemed to be (yet another) terse, abrupt and
ultimately, flippant comment. To be told that my request is
"not important or even useful", despite the fact that I've
tried my dang hardest to make you guys see that it IS
useful, if only to fans of the games likes me, is rather

I understand now, of course, that you don't see it as an
important goal for the project, which is fair enough. I
understood that technically it's not viable. (It's a shame,
but never mind.)

I didn't (and never will) make any demands of you guys,
there's tons of stuff I'd like to see that's not there yet,
but I still REALLY REALLY appreciate what IS there. It's a
truly amazing project and all of you deserve to be awarded
for your tireless efforts. How you manage to keep the
project so vibrant and healthy is truly a fete unto itself.
It's absolutely amazing, it really is.

I love ScummVM. I want your work to be supported and
appreciated by everyone else. I eagerly await each new
release and think that you should all have seats reserved in
heaven for your unfaltering, unceasing and perhaps most
importantly, unpaid work.

I supply bugs when I find them, missing features and yes,
ideas for new features.

I understand that what I do is *nothing* compared to the
amount of effort that you (and the entire ScummVM team) must
keep putting in to keep this project so alive and vibrant.
It's truly fantastic.

But I can't help but feel that your comments are
unnecessarily terse and abrupt for seemingly no reason.

Having noticed this in the past I assumed it was my fault,
so I tried extra hard to explain why this feature was
important to me.

I realize that you don't owe me anything, and by your own
genorosity and actions, you've decided that I don't owe you
anything either, but at least I can be polite when I want to! :)

Next time I understand that your comments are directed
towards the TEAM and not towards ME.

Sorry for the confusion.

Keep up the great work.

comment:12 by wjp, 6 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM

comment:13 by digitall, 13 months ago

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