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FOA: lockup

Reported by: SF/segra Owned by: eriktorbjorn
Priority: low Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Indiana Jones 4


The lockup occurs when entering the theatre after
talking to Biff.

I've attached a savegame of the game when its locked
I'm using the latest CVS, just compilled a few minutes
ago under VC6, and im running WinXP
It's the CD version of FOA

Basically, after talking your way into the theatre after
Indy and Biff enter the game just sits there, the music is
still going and there's no cursor.

I cant provide instructions on reproducing because this
doesnt happen everytime, it only happens on occasions.

I've also noticed it occuring in DOTT and SamNMax

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Owner: set to eriktorbjorn

comment:2 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

A random lockup? Ouch :-/
I am not 100% sure I understand what you write... do you mean: At the start of FOA, you talk biff, convince him to let you in, and *then* it locks up? Or at whic point exactly does it lock up? Or is that different?

Also, any specific places where it locks up in Sam/DOTT?

Could be yet another race condition in the iMuse code, although I wonder why it didn't show up so far.

comment:3 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Owner: changed from eriktorbjorn to SF/jamieson630

comment:4 by SF/segra, 17 years ago

sorry, i was still a bit drunk when i did that report this
morning ;)

yeah, it locks up after you talk to him. It's happend at this
spot a few times now.

I cant really give specific places in Sam/DOTT sorry, i will
play thro them again and see if anything comes up though.

comment:5 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

So it always happens? Which music driver do you use?

I can't reproduce it over here (latest CVS on Mac OS X).

comment:6 by SF/bgbennyboy, 17 years ago

I cant reproduce it in windows (latest cvs) with either adlib or

comment:7 by SF/segra, 17 years ago

No no, it doesnt always happen. It's only happend about 3
times out of the 30 that ive tried. I've tried seeing if skipping
various scenes and such affects it, but it doesnt seem to. It
just seems to randomly happen.

I just use the standard, which is adlib i believe?

comment:8 by SF/trinity78, 16 years ago

i can reproduce this bug at several occassions. it appears as
segra said, that it happens randomly.
for me it happend as i tried to open the door of costa's house
(azores). music goes on, text goes on, but no cursor and
then scummvm freezes.
the second time this happend was in one of the overhead
action scenes (camel ride). scummvm just freezes.

oh and i use windows midi, don't know if this is releated.

comment:9 by SF/jamieson630, 16 years ago

I've found one method of consistently recreating the hang-up
outside the theater where Madame Sophia is presenting.
There are two parts to the music that plays in this screen: the
first part is when you're just walking around the theater
("walking around" mode), and the second part is when you're
actually in a conversation with Biff ("conversation" mode).
There are transition passages in the music to switch back
and forth between these two musical themes.

The trick is to wrap up one conversation (without getting in),
and then get the door back open and start up a second
conversation before the transition music from "conversation"
to "walking around" mode has completed. This way, the
music will not transition back to "conversation" mode. Since
the "conversation" mode music is the only music that is able
to trigger the "entering the theater" music (which in turn
triggers the actual scene change to theater interior), the
scene will never change if the music is stuck in "walking
around" mode during the conversation with Biff.

This should affect any MIDI driver, as it is an iMuse issue and
not a MIDI driver issue. The problem is an inadequacy in our
trigger structure, which probably needs to be upgraded to the
same calibre as the S&M triggers. Investigating.

comment:10 by SF/jamieson630, 16 years ago

Just tested my method of locking up ScummVM with the
original LEC distribution. It turns out the hangup occurs in the
original game as well. Per Fingolfin, I will do a fix for our code,
but not until after 0.4.0 since it will require a mod to the
savegame format.

comment:11 by SF/jamieson630, 16 years ago

Priority: normallow

comment:12 by SF/jamieson630, 16 years ago

An interim fix has been made that does not require a
savegame mod. This should take care of theater-related
hangups in all new games and in almost all saved games as
well. A full fix will be made after 0.4.0.

Trinity, I cannot recreate a problem at the Azores, therefore I
would appreciate your testing this fix to see if it eliminates
the hangups you reported.

Regression testing is also a must. This fix modifies a
fundamental behavior of iMuse that might possibly interfere
with the assumptions of some scripts or music tracks.

comment:13 by SF/trinity78, 16 years ago

first, jamieson630 good to see you back in action again :)

I try my best to locate if there are still lockups/freezes in Indy
4, but as i said the lockups are very random. they only
happend once. i'm not sure if they are releated to the
locations or if my lockups are releated to the one segra had.

i will do some more testing of this, when cvs works again.

comment:14 by SF/trinity78, 16 years ago

Even after your patch, I still got one random freeze showing
the same symptoms segra described. Not sure if its the
same bug.

comment:15 by SF/jamieson630, 16 years ago

Trinity, where did you experience the freeze? Outside the
theater? Or one of the other locations you mentioned?

comment:16 by SF/trinity78, 16 years ago

The last freeze happend at the Atlantis core. Just before
Kerner is transformed by that god machine into an ugly dwarf.

ScummVM locked up. I killed the proccess and restarted
ScummVM afterwards it worked fine. Its random :( .

comment:17 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

What is the status of this item?

comment:18 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

Owner: changed from SF/jamieson630 to eriktorbjorn
Status: newclosed

comment:19 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

I think the talk bugfix erik applied some time ago should have
taken care of this..

comment:20 by digitall, 12 months ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM
Game: Indiana Jones 4
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