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GUI: Hovered-over button doesn't highlight after a modal dialog closes

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(This was originally part of bug #7094)

Tested with latest git.

1) Launch ScummVM. 2) Choose "Add Game..." 3) Hover over the (disabled) "About" button in the background. Press "ESC" to close the "Add Game" file browser and go back to the main window.

The "About" button will not be highlighted until the mouse cursor is moved. It should highlight as soon as the "Add Game" dialog is closed.

We should simulate a MOUSEMOVE event when modal dialogs close, so GUI elements will be aware of the current mouse position before it's actually being moved.

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comment:1 by salty-horse, 8 years ago

Pull request at

comment:2 by salty-horse, 8 years ago

Found another case where elements aren't aware of the current mouse position:

Hover over a button widget, and press the mouse button. Hover over a second button widget and release the mouse press.

The second button widget should get a highlight. It doesn't, until the mouse is moved again.

comment:3 by salty-horse, 8 years ago

The main issue in this bug was fixed by the pull request mentioned above.

Opened bug #7124 for the mouse press issue.

comment:4 by salty-horse, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:5 by digitall, 6 years ago

Component: GUI
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