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LAB: Can skip intro sequence early and with no fadeout

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Game: Labyrinth of Time


In both the DOS and Windows versions of Labyrinth of Time, the introduction sequence can only be skipped by pressing Esc after the title screen disappears and the story text appears.

In the re-release, pressing Esc during any image transition in the introduction sequence will immediately skip to the first playable scene of the game. This will also bypass the fadeout animation that should normally play when skipping the introduction sequence at a normal point.

It's unclear if this is a bug or a new intended behavior for the ScummVM implementation of the engine; if intended, it bypasses the fadeout animation that should normally occur when skipping the introduction.

Reproduced in ScummVM 1.8.0git6220-g792ae03 (Jan 23 2016 05:15:05), Win32

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comment:1 by Strangerke, 5 years ago

At first, we expected to be able to skip the intro as early as possible (and to quit the game the same way, because it's the way we do in all engines, I think) and keep the fade out. We had this behavior for quite a long time during development, but the fade out was completely broken if you had the bad idea to quit during the animated Terra Nova screen. In order to skip the intro faster (with the nice side effect of working around the palette issue) I added some code to skip everything.

I keep it open, I'll try to put some time on this one and see how it looks with the fading fixed.

comment:2 by SF/philsalv, 5 years ago

Makes sense if that's the standard for all the engines; I'll admit enjoy being able to skip quickly for testing purposes. :) The fadeout would be nice if and when possible.

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