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TOUCHE: Game Uncompletable if Potion Not In Inventory Before Using Da Vinci Boat

Reported by: SF/deejaydiabolik Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Touche
Version: Keywords: original
Cc: Game: Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer


Ok.. This afternoon after i have tryed to play (for funny) Touchè on my Samsung Tablet whitout insuccess (i have another ticket opened in same section) 5 minutes again i have re-finished this games using a my PC whit Windows :) Ok.. all games it's working whitout problems but i have FOUND a little problems near finished of the games.. i can explain what appened in the games according a complete solution of the game.

Before to reach the castle you need to repair the boat of Da Vinci....... but WAIT... before to reach the castle you need BE FORCE to HELP the witch which is on the pillory at Ruen!!!

For Free from Pillory the WITCH you need the soap.... the soap it's on monastery.... after you have free the Witch and after you delivered to then the Juliette Scent Bottle she will give you a potion!! This potion it's needed at the castle for put off all guards and after you can successfully press noses of the statues to found the secret room whit cardinal.

This is the correct solution....... using SCUMMVM it's possible to activate the Da Vinci boat and reach the castle.... but if you don't have help the witch on pillory in your inventory you can't have the Potion and after you have enter in the castle it's not possibly to EXIT to the room and come back to Ruen and you have STUCK... you need to load a previous savepoint if you have.

This is a STORYLINE bug..... a critical bug...... if it's possible you can fix a workaround on original storyline like adding a text speech before to activate the Da Vinci boat and check if you have help the witch or if you have the potion on your inventory ?? Otherwise if it's possible to fix the storyline you can make possibly to EXIT from the castle if you don't have the POTION on your inventory ?

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comment:1 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

I wrote ".....5 minutes again" i want to say "..5 minutes ago i have re-finished this game by my PC." :)

comment:2 by bluegr, 9 years ago

Please, attach a savegame

by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

Attachment: touche-it.10 added

comment:3 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

Ok... i thinks you can use this:

comment:4 by wjp, 9 years ago

It's a bit hard to follow/understand your report. Are you describing the design of the game, or are you describing a bug that is introduced by ScummVM?

comment:5 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

After you have load this savegames the Da Vinci Boat it's ready to rail.....but in inventory the soap it's not present and it's only present the Juliette Scent Bottle.

If you start to navigate you can reach the castle but when you step inside the castle you can back anymore to Ruen (i alredy need to help the witch on pillory and obtain the potion needed inside the castle).

comment:6 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

I don't know if this a BUG introduced by ScummVM because i never played this games whitout ScummVM. I thinks this a Storyline BUG.... i know in the pass this games have a lot similar problems (inside the church when you use the rope on torch.... this bug it's present if run this games without scummvm and it's fixing if you play this games using scummvm)....

comment:7 by digitall, 9 years ago

Summary: General - Serioud BUG in storyline... can't complete the games :)TOUCHE: Game Uncompletable if Potion Not In Inventory Before Using Da Vinci Boat

comment:8 by digitall, 9 years ago

deejaydiabolik: Please try to be concise and to the point in your bug reports in future.

This sounds like a design bug in the game which occurred in the original.

I would suggest that you play the game under DOSBox and see if the problem occurs in the original interpreter:

In either case, please attach a savegame from the original interpreter so that the developers can use this for comparison / debugging.

comment:9 by digitall, 9 years ago

Keywords: original added
Status: newpending

comment:10 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

I can't upload a PRECISE POINT SavePoint because there's not exist a exact point.... this is a STORYLINE BUG and i can only provide the savepoint posted above and you can follow my guide for reproduce this storyline bug.

I thinks if i play this games using DosBox i obtain the same situation.... it's not a problems added when using ScummVM.... if it's necessary i can upload a savegames inside the castle without the potion..... wait 5 minutes...

by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

Attachment: touche-it.14 added

comment:11 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

Ok...... i thinks we can use this SAVEPOINT:

Now you are inside the Castle... in your inventory it's present the "Eau of Juliette" (or bottle of scent). At this point you are completely BLOCKED...... and you can't do nothing inside it and you can exit from the door.

I have already explain in the pass: Before to reach this point you need to HELP the witch at Rouen and you need to get from her a potion needed for complete the games...

comment:12 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 9 years ago

Otherwise at this point you can't ADD a mode to return to Rouen... i try to explain: When you start from Rouen to the Castle whit the Da Vinci Fixed Boat when you arrived the Boat it's be shelved and after it's been exploded and you and Henri reach upside the walls of the castle! At this point whitout the boat you can't return at Rouen.....

This games it's the MOST BUGGED ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME... the Storyline it's completely wrongs and full of stupid bug... :)

comment:13 by bluegr, 9 years ago

Status: pendingclosed

comment:14 by bluegr, 9 years ago

OK, so this looks like a script bug that's present in the original game.

This bug report has been moved to Wiki to relevant Engine/TODO page. When the bug is resolved, an appropriate message will be posted here and the bug report link will be removed from the Wiki

comment:15 by SF/deejaydiabolik, 8 years ago

Closed-later ? It's moved to impossible to fix ?

by SF/jomalin1, 7 years ago

Attachment: TOUCHE.19 added

comment:16 by SF/jomalin1, 7 years ago

Sorry about my english...

I report also a storyline bug i have found playing the game in Dosbox, but it is related to this one because it is also about the bottle in Juliette room...

OK, if you don't take the bottle in Juliette room the second time you enter (with the piece of stairs) and you get out, when i enter the mosqueteers practice courtyard there will be only ONE mosqueteer (instead of five!), and if you try to talk to the mosqueteer you don't have the option to tell him that you want to practice to take the permission to go to Lemans, so the game is uncompletable.

I attach a Dosbox savegame in Juliette room. Use the poem with her and then DONT pick up the bottle and go out. And now go to the mosqueteers practice courtyard... There will be only one mosqueteer instead of five! Now you cannot progress in the game, because you cannot tell him to have sword practices... But if you have the potion and you enter in the mosqueteers practice courtyard, it will be five mosqueteers and you will be able to tell one of them to take sword practices.

So, you need the potion to have sword practices, and to have the potion you need the Juliette bottle... So if you don't take the Juliette bottle game is uncompletable.

NOTE: This is related to the spanish version of the game (texts only are translated), but i think savegame format will be the same.

comment:17 by DjDiabolik, 7 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmm.. i am SF/deejaydiabolik and now i used and login whit my GitHub login.

Your it's a total different bug... you need to open another newest ticket.

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