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SCI: KQ5 - Missing music during Sledding and Wolves

Reported by: SF/korzic Owned by: bluegr
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ScummVM 1.7.0 CD/Windows/English Game version 1.000.052 (Steam version) Windows XP SP3

When using the sled in the mountain, there's supposed to be a jingle that plays during the sledding animation. Shortly after that, when entering the ice palace, there's supposed to be an ominous jingle as the wolves come out. Both of these musics (default audio settings) were present in version 1.6.0, but not in 1.7.0. Save file is attached.

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by SF/korzic, 7 years ago

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comment:1 by digitall, 7 years ago

Summary: Sled music not playingSCI: KQ5 - Missing music during Sledding and Wolves

comment:2 by digitall, 7 years ago

I get the same behaviour here with the setting "Audio->Preferred Device->Adlib Emulator" as the music driver on Linux x86_64 with the KQ5 from the KQ Collection CD.

I also get this on the console: WARNING: A Windows CD version with an alternate MIDI soundtrack has been chosen, but no MIDI music device has been selected. Reverting to the DOS soundtrack!

If I select "MT-32 Emulator" instead, this message does not occur and the missing Sledding and Wolf music is present.

korzic: Try changing the settings on the MIDI tab to "use first GM device" and see if that makes a difference. You may find that you have this set to a Windows MIDI device that is no longer present.

Also, try running ScummVM from a command line window or use a daily build to get a console window showing warnings and other debug messages (if enabled with -d option).

by SF/korzic, 7 years ago

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comment:3 by SF/korzic, 7 years ago

Setting the MIDI tab to "use first GM device" does indeed give music for both scenes, but a different version of them, as well as everything else besides voices (heck, even the point sound is a little different). I do remember the "reverting to DOS soundtrack" message appearing in ScummVM 1.6.0, but those two audios were present then (same as before, default sound settings, no changes to the PC between versions, either).

Anyway, here's a log of a playthrough of the game with the highest game detail settings on ScummVM 1.7.0 (thought it was with the latest daily build, but I guess not - still the same audio issues in that version, either way). The sound settings seemed to yield the same errors in most instances, so I switched back to default settings for this playthrough. I don't think anything specific happened where those two audios are supposed to play, except perhaps the "attempt to peek invalid memory" messages may have appeared around that time (but that happens at a lot of different points, apparently). Anyway, there's several other messages as well, a couple of which I saw only during a playthrough with lowest game detail settings (if that matters at all). Here are those as well:

WARNING: Failed to find audio entry 7069! WARNING: wPlayAudio: unable to create stream for audio tuple 7069, module 65535! WARNING: Failed to find audio entry 7070! WARNING: Failed to locate base object for object at 0078:2450; skipping! WARNING: MidiParser_SCI::parseNextEvent: Unsupported event code f7! WARNING: ADLIB: Unknown event f0!

comment:4 by bluegr, 7 years ago

Resolution: invalid
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comment:5 by bluegr, 7 years ago

This isn't a bug per se, but the way the game resources are organized.

All Sierra games contain several versions of the same track, depending on the sound card selected.

The Windows versions of certain SCI1/SCI1.1 games have an alternate soundtrack, which is only available for General MIDI (GM) devices, since that is what Windows itself supports out of the box. In general, these soundtracks are the same as their DOS counterparts, but there are cases like this one where the Windows soundtracks have different IDs. Thus, for example, DOS sound track 100 could be translated to 5100 in the Windows version. Track 5100 is only accessed by the Windows version, and it doesn't have an alternate track for non-GM devices. So, if you choose a non-GM device and set the game platform to Windows, the game scripts will attempt to play the GM-only track 5100 on a non-GM device, and you'll only get silence (since this track is exclusive to GM devices).

The solution is to either select DOS as your platform, or if you choose Windows, choose a GM device, as this is what is supported in the original game.

Closing as invalid.

comment:6 by bluegr, 7 years ago

Owner: set to bluegr

comment:7 by digitall, 7 years ago

thebluegr: Thanks for the explanation.

However: 1. Any idea why v1.7.0 is different from the v1.6.0 behaviour when the audio settings are default? 2. Can you replicate this difference between v1.6.0 and v1.7.0 on Win32 with default audio settings?

comment:8 by bluegr, 7 years ago

  1. The behaviour of v1.6.0 was incorrect, and was always playing the DOS soundtracks in the Windows versions. This has been fixed in v1.7.0. Check these two commits:
  2. Check above

comment:9 by digitall, 7 years ago

thebluegr: Thanks. As I expected, but just wanted to be sure that we knew why and when the behaviour had changed and that there wasn't a latent issue with music driver selection. :)

comment:10 by SF/korzic, 7 years ago

Switching the platform over to DOS still has silence for both of these instances. Checked with 1.7.0 and the latest daily build.

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