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SCI: Phantasmagoria - French version

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: sci32
Cc: Game: Phantasmagoria 1


Hi :)

I'm using last nightly ScummVM version 1.7.0git6325 under Windows.

French version of Phantasmagoria is detected and working, but recognized like an English version.

Of course, checksums are different and ScummVM reported that :

{"ressci.001", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 69963685}, {"ressci.003", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 80431189}, {"ressci.002", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 78362841}, {"ressci.005", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 83790486}, {"ressci.004", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 82542844}, {"ressci.006", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 85415107}, {"resmap.001", 0, "4da82dd336d4b9cd8c16f3cc11f0c615", 11524}, {"resmap.002", 0, "4f40f43f2b60bf765864433069752bb9", 12064}, {"resmap.003", 0, "6a392a86f14b6ddb4422978ee71e54ac", 12340}, {"resmap.004", 0, "df2e9462c41202de5f3843908c95a715", 12562}, {"resmap.005", 0, "43efd3fe834286c70a2c8b4cd747c1e2", 12616}, {"resmap.006", 0, "b3065e54a00190752a06dacd201b5058", 12538}, {"resmap.007", 0, "5633960bc106c39ca91d2d8fce18fd2d", 7984},

Please could add support for it ?


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comment:1 by m-kiewitz, 10 years ago

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comment:2 by m-kiewitz, 10 years ago

Could you please look inside the game directory and open the file called "VERSION". In there should be a version number. Please send it to us.

And please also look at the creation/modification date of SIERRA.EXE or SIERRAW.EXE and send it to us as well.

comment:3 by bluegr, 10 years ago

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comment:4 by bluegr, 10 years ago

Since the user has been unresponsive after 2 months, I've added the MD5 checksums and I'm closing this.

Unfortunately, this is why we don't have all the needed information for all of the supported game versions... The users just submit part of the information and disappear.

comment:5 by wjp, 7 years ago

Game: Phantasmagoria 1
Keywords: sci32 added

comment:6 by enclume, 7 years ago

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hi, I have the french version of phantasmagoria (1.100.000) and ScummVM 1.10.0git3555-g1b03df5 (Jun 29 2017 05:50:57). Same issue than OP:

{"ressci.001", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 69963685},
{"ressci.003", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 76612091},
{"ressci.002", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 74556497},
{"ressci.005", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 81160893},
{"ressci.004", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 78757484},
{"ressci.006", 0, "3aae6559aa1df273bc542d5ac6330d75", 81076474},
{"resmap.001", 0, "4da82dd336d4b9cd8c16f3cc11f0c615", 11524},
{"resmap.002", 0, "331d9cb4c2705da675d243fba22b7643", 12064},
{"resmap.003", 0, "48dcc70e117bfde15e004cc1b9533e5b", 12340},
{"resmap.004", 0, "fc117370efafd53a4c07aca99b2893c3", 12562},
{"resmap.005", 0, "d19ad6a7885273ffd1b920eced6e6871", 12616},
{"resmap.006", 0, "6db1956354e271681d41b489939686fb", 12538},
{"resmap.007", 0, "3d15c24fe60e8f7171480bfaa2d566bc", 7984},

creation date:
Sep 19 1995 SIERRA.EXE
Sep 19 1995 SIERRAW.EXE


comment:7 by csnover, 7 years ago

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Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

enclume, I have opened a new ticket #9910 on your behalf so the new version data can be referenced to a unique ticket. If you run into an unrecognised game version in the future, please create a new ticket instead of reopening an old one like this. Thanks!

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