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NEVERHOOD: lots of bugs

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A lot of these may be known issues, but I'm just gonna report every single bug I found on my first playthrough. These were all without having the original game next to me for comparison. This is just the stuff I noticed from memory of the original.

Save lets you name multiple save files the same and they're not sorted alphabetically

Load doesn't let you type the file

The hitbox of clicking files is off and it gets progressively more and more off the lower down you click (when you have a lot of files).

In the save/load menus you can scroll down one past what you should be able to scroll to, and the game crashes if you then click the empty slot at the bottom.

When Klaymen is up on the balcony in Nursery scene 2, his shadow should be invisible

Music that fades out should fade back at the position it was at at the end oft the fade, not always back at the start of the music. On loading a save, reset the position of all music.

Dynamites on shelves aren't placed correctly. They're all cut off weirdly.

Dynamite puzzle solution is different. It's the same every time in the original.

On the first cart ride, on the screen where you see the edge of the world, the cart doesn't enter the screen without another click. There are similar glitches in the other cart rides. Just check every cart scene enter is correct.

In the hall of records the music "Everybody Way Oh" should start playing as soon as you enter.

Sounds loop badly. This is most noticeable with the elevator in the Hall of Records.

Plenty of bugs with the lever in that room, too. Firstly, releasing the lever should stop the animation. Clicking the lever while holding the lever results in weirdness. Clicking the lever immediately after walking onto the elevator from the bottom sometimes results in teleportation.

If you save in the first scene inside the Aqua (music) house, Klaymen walks in even though the door is closed. He should start positioned inside the scene on loading.

The cursor is glitched on the movie scene after walking straight as far as you can go after crossing the bridge.

Randomised ambient sound effects from travel scenes keep playing while paused

You hear the water sound while on the bridge even when the water is drained. You also hear water from the center of the first travel intersection.

In the movie scene where you're about to look down the lowered bridge, moing the cursor to the sides of the screen glitches it out.

Static should only be played on the radio when not tuned to a song.

On getting an ending, when the credits end it takes you to the menu as it should but with "Klaymen's Theme" playing.

When you get the liquid mixing wrong, you shouldn't be able to interrupt the "yuck" animation.

The cursor is glitched on the scene with the button that you hit to drop the ladder.

Pressing that ladder button when the ladder is already dropped causes a delayed sound.

Klaymen blinks really awkwardly while sitting on the teleporter.

In the whale house, the two disks on the floor should be facing away from each other, not in the same direction.

Willie doesn't call "Klaymen! Up here!" After you walk through the tunnel towards the bear controls. You also can't look up at him.

Sounds play over movie scenes that shouldn't. For example the music from the radio over the radio tower rotation. And ambient sounds play over the bear control stuff.

Ambient sounds play doubly as much as they shoud in the Robot Bil area.

The elevator in the final area plays the same sound twice when it opens.

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We appreciate that you want to help testing our The Neverhood engine implementation. However, please note that currently the engine is not officially supported. Thus, we actually do not accept bug reports just yet (and if you already want to share your experience and make sure we are aware of it, you can do that in the forums or on our IRC channel). Also, in the future please make sure to report individual bugs as separate bug submissions. This will help/allow us to update the status and keep track of individual bugs. A bug list like this is a very heavy maintenance burden for us.

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The list itself seems useful to me, though, so I've copied it to the engine wiki page at

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