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SCI KQ6: Castle walls - stuck in same room

Reported by: SF/dmwarren Owned by: bluegr
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: script
Cc: Game: King's Quest 6


My platform: Mac OS X 10.8.2

When: (from the walkthrough at "At the end of the hallway, open the door whose outline you can see on the wall. Use the skeleton key on the chest. Take the letters. Open the box and read the paper there. Leave the way you came. "

What happens: Late in the game, you leave the genie's room and return to a hallway behind the castle walls.

From here, south is your only exit. Going south _should_ take you to a straight section of the hallway with an opening in the wall where you can spy on the vizier's room.

What actually happens in the 1.6.0 nightlies is that you end up in a different hallway "room" with west/south exits. At this point you can try and leave but you end up in the same "room" no matter which direction you exit. I'm not citing room numbers because the SCI console says *all* of the "hallway behind the castle walls" are room 810. :\

If you save a game while stuck in this loop, the problem will persist if you load the game into a release without this issue (1.5.0) the problem persists.

What *should* happen: After leaving the genie's room (west=>back into the hallway), you should be able to go south=>"chunk of hallway where you can spy on vizier's room".

Reproducible? Yes, reliably. Savegames for Windows CD-ROM version attached.

kq6-cd-win.078: before the problem occurs. [Hand] the closet to get to the hallway dead end. Go south. You should be able to spy on the vizier after you've gone south.

kq6-cd-win.079: after you're stuck in the random hallway room. On 1.6.0 nightlies, you will always end up in the same room when you try to leave.

kq6-cd-win.080: ego is in the chunk of hallway where you can spy on the vizier. This is where you *should* end up after leaving the genie's room and walking south.

Earliest build I know of where bug is present: 1.6.0git36-ga97f446 (~July 2012)

Latest build noticed in: 1.6.0git2489-g45f95cb (~Jan 2013)

Bug is not present in final release of 1.5.0.

Ticket imported from: #3601479. Ticket imported from: bugs/6233.

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Savegames for KQ6 CD-ROM/Win - before bug, during bug, after (without bug)

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by SF/dmwarren, 8 years ago

Savegames for KQ6 CD-ROM/Win - before bug, during bug, after (without bug)

comment:1 by SF/dmwarren, 8 years ago

Summary: Castle walls - ego leaves room and arrives in same room - stSCI KQ6: Castle walls - stuck in same room

comment:2 by lskovlun, 8 years ago

Traced this to commit 9568b7 which changes kGetAngle(). The old implementation - while not identical to Sierra SCI - was verified against it and yields the same results. The new one apparently does not.

comment:3 by lskovlun, 8 years ago

Owner: set to bluegr

comment:4 by bluegr, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:5 by bluegr, 8 years ago

Many thanks for the bug report, and for the bisection. This was an issue with rounding in the SCI1 implementation of kGetAngle (commit 9568b7). Fixed in commit b956957 - the fix should be available in the next daily build

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