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Blue Force: blurry and buggy

Reported by: SF/draky95 Owned by: dreammaster
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Hi again. In the dark room, just after the gate with the last fixed bug, there are 2 problems : - the room is supposed to be dark (look at the beginning of but for me it is... blurry instead ! - few seconds later, opening the box while cord is plugged shows me the hidden door just beside... like a copy of the wall.

I include my savegames (take the \"blurry\" to see the 1st bug and \"buggy box\" to see the second bug) and two screenshots directly from scummvm. Not a blocking bug because you can still follow in the adventure but... Savegames : (too large for + 2 screenshots uploaded in this bug report.

Version = 1.5.0git from daily buildbot Win32

Thanks in advance.

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2 screenshots illustrating the 2 bugs

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2 screenshots illustrating the 2 bugs

comment:1 by dreammaster, 12 years ago

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comment:2 by dreammaster, 12 years ago

Well, I've identified and fix the display of the wrong frames from the breaker box, but I'm having trouble replicating the blurry problem. I see it if I load the savegame you provided, but not if I go to the scene in a fresh save, or if I leave the room and re-enter it again.

Did you have to do something special to have the palette corruption occur?

comment:3 by SF/draky95, 12 years ago

Ok, I don't know about the blurry bug :( I can't succeed to have a full dark room even from a fresh save (before opening gate and door) so... mystery ? Now I have another bug. I enter the secret room, open crate, look crate, pick gun, close crate, go to the boxer (have the box bug with duplicate wall), I close secret wall, plug off from bower, turn off generator, plug off cord, place cord on forklift and go out after light are off (and room is blurry instead of being dark :p) Now : I lock the door with small key, and then I use the hand cursor on gate to close gate and bug lol : the character keeps doing the same gesture with his arm, the gesture for opening gate, even not the one for closing, and it keeps opening in gesture ! I must do a ALT+ENTER to switch to window mode and close the game window with the close cross :( I can't go further then because of this bug.

comment:4 by dreammaster, 12 years ago

Darn. I seem to be having a real problem trying to replicate the problems you're having. :P I don't have any problem with either the dark room or trying to close the gate. What I'd suggest is that you start the hand on the gate and immediately use Ctrl-F5 to make a savegame (i.e. whilst Ryan is still walking to the gate). Then attach just that savegame to this bug ticket. Maybe then I might be able to replicate the problem you're experiencing.

BTW: The problem with the imgaes on the breaker box should be fixed when returning to an earlier savegame from before the warehouse, but not when the problem has already occurred.

comment:5 by lordhoto, 12 years ago

Summary: Blue Force : blurry and buggyBlue Force: blurry and buggy

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