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MOHAWK: Code analysis warnings

Reported by: Templier Owned by: SF/mthreepwood
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Here are the warnings I get when compiling using Code Analysis in VS2010. I tried to remove all the obvious false positives. Some warnings look suspicious, others are pointing to correct code that still might benefit from better error checking.

d:\sources\scummvm\scummvm-jt\engines\mohawk\livingbooks.cpp(2007): warning C4389: '!=' : signed/unsigned mismatch d:\sources\scummvm\scummvm-jt\engines\mohawk\myst_stacks\selenitic.cpp(839): warning C6011: Dereferencing NULL pointer 'value': Lines: 816, 818, 819, 821, 839

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comment:1 by SF/mthreepwood, 13 years ago

The line 2007 one looks like a false positive. size is a uint16, oldAlign is a uint.

comment:2 by Templier, 13 years ago

The second warning was fixed in 44e79c70fa2908e0abdb.

I silenced the first warning by casting the left-hand expression to uint in b9262bd70c8bf9aa1660.

comment:3 by Templier, 13 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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comment:4 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: Engine: Mohawk
Summary: MOHAWK: Code analysis warnings MOHAWK: Code analysis warnings
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