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AGI: Tandy demo

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The AGI Tandy demo (as available from the demo repository) isn't recognized by ScummVM. It is seen as an agi fanmade game and crashes immedeatily.azfter starting.

OS: Win7 scummvm: 1.3svn55539

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comment:1 by digitall, 13 years ago

Tested with this demo.

The detection entry is missing and the parameters needed are listed as: {"logdir", 0, "94eca021fe7da8f8572c2edcc631bbc6", 666}, {"vol.0", 0, "7959f7c938f49f0d15d360aa0e88aa2d", 21620}, {"object", 0, "5ec514b60a3e0a95fc7c71315a71d79e", 8},

This is not a crash, but the engine exits after hitting an unexpected error, but this is not reported unless you set debuglevel i.e. ./scummvm -d 9 : <snip> Emulating Sierra AGI v2.917

Loading directory: logdir Opening hashed: logdir Loading directory: picdir Opening hashed: picdir Loading directory: viewdir Opening hashed: viewdir Loading directory: snddir Opening hashed: snddir Opening hashed: object Decrypting objects... done. Opening hashed: words.tok Loading dictionary: words.tok File::open: opening 'vol.7' failed <end snip>

The demo does not have a vol.7 file and looking at my SQ2 copy, I don't think many AGI would.. Will look at why this tries to access a vol.7 file.

comment:2 by digitall, 13 years ago

Looked at code. This is occuring when the first logic file is attempted to be loaded.

If you run with ./scummvm -d 3 --debugflags=Resources, you will get debug output for the resource directories i.e. LOGDIR, PICDIR etc. The values for volumes in these are clearly incorrect.

Either the demo : a) uses an earlier interpreter than v2.917 which is currently unsupported b) uses a variant resource format due to Tandy platform c) is corrupted.

This will take some work by the AGI team to sort out.

comment:3 by bluegr, 13 years ago

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comment:4 by bluegr, 13 years ago

As mentioned in the forums, there is no Tandy demo, it's just a corrupted version of another demo. Quoting from the forums:

This info is on AGInfo sources (from Paul David Doherty,

=== The sad story of the so-called "Tandy demo" seems to be this: The Tandy 1000/IBM PCjr. emulator "Tand-em" came with a disk image containing Demo 2/5.25"/version 1. Somebody tried and failed in extracting the files from that image and uploaded the (totally corrupted) results to Brian Provinciano's "Ultimate AGI/SCI Site", where they still remain.

In other words, there is no "Tandy demo".

So this info explains all about that demo crashing even on DosBox.

For reference:

Thus, closing as invalid

comment:5 by digitall, 5 years ago

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