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ANDROID: Return key not working

Reported by: SF/jobeus Owned by: dhewg
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With a hardware keyboard, at least w/ DesireZ/G2, the return key does not work. All the other keys work fine, it's just no return. So typing commands in SCI games specifically are impossible. :(


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comment:1 by jvprat, 13 years ago

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Summary: Return key not working in Android portANDROID: Return key not working

comment:2 by dhewg, 13 years ago

can you try a nightly? see

comment:3 by SF/jobeus, 13 years ago

Still not working on latest nightly. Works in latest non-offical (SDL) build though.

Also added issue of the mouse arrow now being a black box. ;)

comment:4 by dhewg, 13 years ago

can you installl "alogcat" from market, hit the enter key in scummvm, start alogcat and look for "received invalid keycode" messages? it should be followed by two numbers, which would be helpful

comment:5 by dhewg, 13 years ago

while i don't see any item about that cursor issue, that's fixed with the next nightly

comment:6 by SF/jobeus, 13 years ago

I can't seem to get that error to show up in alogcat. Lots of messages about ScummVM but nothing about keycodes. Even when trying other buttons like FN, SYM, shift, etc.

Any ideas?

comment:7 by dhewg, 13 years ago

that message will only be printed if an unknown key event gets in. looks like that isn't the case. but i know that the physical enter key works on another model. i guess this issue is related to a different behavior of either the android version on your device or the keymap its using.

1) does the enter key on the virtual keyboard work? (hold down menu for a while) 2) does the physical enter key work on the gui? like confirming a savegame name 3) can you confirm that the cursor issue is fixed?

comment:8 by dhewg, 13 years ago

i think i found something. please try the nightly build tomorrow

comment:9 by SF/jobeus, 13 years ago

Both the cursor issue and the return key issue both work now, amazing! :D Many thanks, this is the best news. :D

comment:10 by dhewg, 13 years ago

nice, thanks for reporting the problem and confirming the fix :)

comment:11 by dhewg, 13 years ago

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comment:12 by digitall, 5 years ago

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