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DRASCULA: no subtitles in scene with "von Braun"

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When talk with Trunkenbold (Drunkard) about "von Braun" the scenes has no subtitles in German version.

Drascula (DOS/German) from ScummVM 1.2.0svn52740 OS: Linux x86_64 (aptosid 2.6.35)

Save game is here

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comment:1 by SF/windlepoons, 14 years ago

Summary: DRASCULA: no subitles in scene with "von Braun"DRASCULA: no subtitles in scene with "von Braun"

comment:2 by SF/windlepoons, 14 years ago

Update with ScummVM r52851:

subtitles in "von Braun" cut scene: English and Italian version no subtitles in cut scene: German, French, Spanish version

comment:3 by eriktorbjorn, 14 years ago

It looks to me like there is no German translation of the story in the "create_drascula" tool. Does anyone know if there wasn't any in the original either?

comment:4 by sev-, 14 years ago

Which stings are those? I could take a look.

comment:5 by eriktorbjorn, 14 years ago

I was thinking of this part of tools/create_drascula/staticres.h:

const char *_texthis[NUM_LANGS][NUM_TEXTHIS] = { { "", "A long time ago, it seems that Drascula killed Von Braun's wife, and then, as he intended to face the count, Von Braun started to research all he could find on vampires.", "When he thought he was ready, he went up to the castle and had a very violent encounter with Drascula.", "Nobody knows exactly what happened there. Although Von Braun lost, Drascula could not kill him.", "Von Braun felt humiliated by his defeat, he run away from the castle and has never dared to face Drascula again.", }, { "", "", "", "", "" }, { "", "", "", "", "" }, { "", "", "", "", "" }, { "", "RACCONTANO CHE, MOLTI ANNI FA, DRASCULA UCCISE LA MOGLIE DI VON BRAUN. DA ALLORA, CON L'INTENZIONE DI AFFRONTARE IL CONTE, VON BRAUN COMINCI\343 A STUDIARE TUTTO QUELLO CHE TROVAVA SUI VAMPIRI.", "QUANDO PENS\343 DI ESSERE PRONTO, AND\343 AL CASTELLO ED EBBE UN VIOLENTO SCONTRO CON DRASCULA.", "NESSUNO SA COSA ACCADDE LASS\353. MA SEBBENE VON BRAUN FU SCONFITTO, DRASCULA NON RIUSC\326 A UCCIDERLO.", "UMILIATO DALLA SCONFITTA, VON BRAUN SCAPP\343 DAL CASTELLO E DA ALLORA NON HA MAI PI\353 OSATO AFFRONTARE DRASCULA.", }, };

comment:6 by criezy, 14 years ago

Concerning the french translation, I have added translation for that specific scene. I hope to commit this and other improvements to the french translation this week-end. I was speaking with Simon (German translator for the ScummVM GUI) on IRC yesterday about drascula translation. I will ask him if he want to translate that missing part.

comment:7 by criezy, 14 years ago

I have committed French and German subtitles for that cutscene in the trunk. I am keeping the bug open as there is still no Spanish subtitles.

comment:8 by sev-, 13 years ago

jvprat, could you please translate those sentences and I'll insert them into the engine.

comment:9 by sev-, 13 years ago

Owner: set to jvprat
Priority: normalhigh

comment:10 by SF/furrykef, 13 years ago

Here is my attempt at a Spanish translation. I have posted this in my lang-8 journal, so native speakers might come along and post better translations if this isn't good enough.

Hace mucho tiempo, parecía que Drascula mató a la esposa de Von Braun, y después, ya que pensaba enfrentarse al conde, Von Braun empezó a investigar todo lo que podía sobre los vampiros. Al decidir que estaba listo, se llegó hasta el castillo y tuvo un enfrentamiento muy violento con Drascula. Nadie sabe exactamente qué pasó allí. Aunque Von Braun perdió, Drascula no pudo matarlo. Von Braun se sintió humillado por haber sido derrotado, huyó del castillo, y nunca se ha atrevido a volver a enfrentarse al Drascula.

comment:11 by SF/furrykef, 13 years ago

Typo: "al Drascula" at the end should be "a Drascula".

comment:12 by jvprat, 13 years ago

I've just looked at this item (sorry for the delay, I just missed this one was assigned to me). I have the local changes that add the transcription of the song as subtitles. It seems the subtitles of all the other languages don't match the lyrics of the song (which is what furrykef translated). What's preferred? Translating the English subtitles or making the subtitles match the voices?

comment:13 by criezy, 13 years ago

Before reading your comment I didn't even know there was a song. I played the game in Spanish now and I heard it but with the other languages I tried there is no sound, no voices and no song during the cut-scene (which made the need of subtitles all the more important).

For Spanish it is probably better to match the voices. Is it very different from the English subtitles?

comment:14 by jvprat, 13 years ago

Sorry the late reply, I didn't receive an email notification for criezy's comment.

criezy: The same happens on the English version. I think the English audio track was added in the second version of the music pack, so you probably have the first one.

comment:15 by criezy, 13 years ago

I was indeed probably using the first version of the music pack. I got the new one now (with one additional file that corresponds to the english song for this cutscene). There is actually more differences than I expected between the song and the subtitles.I am a bit torn here on which version to choose (respect the song lyrics or keep the more explanatory text we currently have). Does somebody know where the english subtitles come from? Are they in the original game? If yes then we should probably keep those. For the Spanish subtitles of this cutscene I would ask the same question: is there subtitles in the original interpreter? Do they match the lyrics?

comment:16 by jvprat, 13 years ago

I don't have the original CD with me right now in order to see if it has subtitles (and which ones). I'll be able to try it in a few weeks, but probably that will be after the 1.4 release.

Is the extra information from the more complete subtitles given at other points in the game? Otherwise it would make the game experience unconsistent depending on whether one plays it with or without subtitles. If this information was given at other points in the game, it would be safe to make the subtitles match the song. I haven't played the game though, so I don't know about it.

Maybe we could add the translation of the English subtitles (the more explanatory ones) to have a consistent behavior between languages for the next stable release, and then possibly change them to the song transcription after we check with original interpreters and maybe a full playthrough.

comment:17 by criezy, 13 years ago

From what I remember the extra information from the more complete subtitle is not critical. The first time I played the game I didn't have the subtitles and the song and it was not too much of an issue. For example the subtitles tell that "as he intended to face the count, Von Braun started to research all he could find on vampires". This information is not clearly in the song but since we see Von Braun studying in the cutscene this is pretty clear anyway.

Your proposition to use the translation of the english subtitles for the 1.4 release sounds good. Then we can decide to change the subtitles later on if it appears the original interpreter is using subtitles closer to the song lyrics.

comment:18 by bluegr, 12 years ago

There was a recent commit regarding this one.

What is the status of this item? Has it been resolved?

comment:19 by criezy, 12 years ago

Owner: changed from jvprat to criezy
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:20 by criezy, 12 years ago

Strange, I remember closing that bug yesterday. Apparently it failed.

Spanish subtitles for that cutscene were added in commit 7705c13cc41ba9b4c82d2f061cc42a84f004719e. These subtitles were provided by Tomás Maidagan and are a translation of the english subtitles (and not a re-transcription of the lyrics). Now we have subtitles for all the languages.

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