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TOOLS: Voice Cut-Off with LAME compressed .bun files

Reported by: SF/mcknallski Owned by: AndywinXp
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There is a Bug with Lame compressed .BUN Files. When I play a Game (especially The Dig) with Lame compressed .BUN Files i am getting Voice Cut-Offs.

For example Boston Low says: "The NASA Simulations are much eas...". But he should say: "The NASA Simulations are much easier!".

And at the beginning of the Game while you hear radio messages, the Click-Noise after the Radio Messages are missing.

The best way to hear the Cut-Offs is, when you examine the items in the inventory.

So the last parts of the Voices are missing.

I´ve tried several Versions of Lame: 3.98.4, 3.97, 3.91, 3.98.3. I tried also VBR, ABR and Bitrates from 32kbit to 160kbit.

Everytime the same Problem.

The Problem does not exist with Vorbis or FLAC compressed .BUN Files.

So I did some further testings. I thought LAME cannot process short wav files (shorter than 2 Seconds) correctly.

Now I encoded some single and very short .wav files from The Dig using the LAME Executable (without using ScummVM Tools). Now there are no Cut-Offs.

So there are some possible Problem Sources: -ScummVM got a Bug with reading and playing MP3 files from .BUN files. -The ScummVM Tool for creating .BUN files got a problem with converting the files to MP3.

In COMI the Problem is not so extremely as in the Dig. Only when you listen very carefully, you find that there a little bit at the end of the Sentences are missing.

I am using the newest Win32 & PSP Snapshot Builds of ScummVM and the Tools. Also I tried the Release Binaries. And i am using the German Versions of the Games.

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comment:1 by SF/mcknallski, 14 years ago

Also a good way to hear the Cut-Offs when you play the Moon-Lander Mini Game on the "Pen Ultimate" in The Dig. Just crash the Lander and listen to Boston Lows Comments.

comment:2 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Summary: Voice Cut-Off with LAME compressed .bun filesTOOLS: Voice Cut-Off with LAME compressed .bun files

comment:3 by bonki, 6 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM
Game: The Dig

Confirmed, this is still an issue in ScummVM v2.0.0.

Tested using scummvm-tools v2.0.0 (with default encoding parameters), LAME v3.99, The Dig GOG/German.

comment:4 by AndywinXp, 2 years ago

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Compression of BUN files is no longer supported in the current master, so I guess I can close this.

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