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MIXER: Division by 0 in rate conversion if w/o soundcd

Reported by: SF/jmmdebian Owned by: fingolfin
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This was originally filed in the Debian Bug Tracking system:

I can reproduce this with 1.0-rc1 by rmmod'ing all sound card modules:

Program received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception. 0x0878e47b in Audio::makeRateConverter<false, false> (inrate=10426, outrate=0) at sound/rate.cpp:333 333 if ((inrate % outrate) == 0) { (gdb) bt #0 0x0878e47b in Audio::makeRateConverter<false, false> (inrate=10426, outrate=0) at sound/rate.cpp:333 #1 0x0878d1a9 in Audio::makeRateConverter (inrate=10426, outrate=0, stereo=false, reverseStereo=false) at sound/rate.cpp:353 #2 0x0876d4b7 in Channel (this=0x8b2c188, mixer=0x8a820f0, type=Audio::Mixer::kSFXSoundType, input=0x8abc1b0, autofreeStream=true, reverseStereo=false, id=0, permanent=false) at sound/mixer.cpp:397 #3 0x0876e16f in Audio::MixerImpl::playInputStream (this=0x8a820f0, type=Audio::Mixer::kSFXSoundType, handle=0x8a9c498, input=0x8abc1b0, id=0, volume=78 'N', balance=0 '\0', autofreeStream=true, permanent=false, reverseStereo=false) at sound/mixer.cpp:207 #4 0x0876e28c in Audio::MixerImpl::playRaw (this=0x8a820f0, type=Audio::Mixer::kSFXSoundType, handle=0x8a9c498, sound=0x8b62500, size=4014, rate=10426, flags=1 '\1', id=0, volume=78 'N', balance=0 '\0', loopStart=0, loopEnd=0) at sound/mixer.cpp:178 #5 0x085b3b45 in Sky::Sound::playSound (this=0x8a9c488, sound=6, volume=78, channel=0 '\0') at engines/sky/sound.cpp:1121 #6 0x085b3e6e in Sky::Sound::fnStartFx (this=0x8a9c488, sound=1, channel=0 '\0') at engines/sky/sound.cpp:1175 #7 0x085c6191 in Sky::Logic::fnStartFx (this=0x8b15e58, sound=257, b=0, c=127) at engines/sky/logic.cpp:2464 #8 0x085c8438 in Sky::Logic::anim (this=0x8b15e58) at engines/sky/logic.cpp:439 #9 0x085c991d in Sky::Logic::engine (this=0x8b15e58) at engines/sky/logic.cpp:160 #10 0x085b1d2a in Sky::SkyEngine::go (this=0x8aa1d08) at engines/sky/sky.cpp:207 #11 0x085b3291 in Sky::SkyEngine::run (this=0x8aa1d08) at ./engines/sky/sky.h:101 #12 0x080546bd in runGame (plugin=0x8a4f878, system=..., edebuglevels=...) at base/main.cpp:212 #13 0x08054fce in scummvm_main (argc=4, argv=0xbffff604) at base/main.cpp:377 #14 0x080519fa in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffff604) at backends/platform/sdl/main.cpp:108 (gdb)

Since outrate is 0 and ( x module 0) is undefined, it triggers the crash.

template<bool stereo, bool reverseStereo> RateConverter *makeRateConverter(st_rate_t inrate, st_rate_t outrate) { if (inrate != outrate) { if ((inrate % outrate) == 0) { return new SimpleRateConverter<stereo, reverseStereo>(inrate, outrate); } else { return new LinearRateConverter<stereo, reverseStereo>(inrate, outrate); } } else { return new CopyRateConverter<stereo, reverseStereo>(); } }

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Summary: Floating point exception in rate conversion if w/o soundcdMIXER: Division by 0 in rate conversion if w/o soundcd

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Fixed in trunk and branch (i.e. should be fixed in 1.1.0).

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