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SCI: more checksums

Reported by: SF/bellut Owned by: bluegr
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: Leisure Suit Larry 7



lsl3, English

"resource.002", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 345171 "resource.003", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 329214 "resource.001", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 141381 "", "0f429f5186f96d6c501838a1cb44bd43", 7452 "resource.007", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 257174 "resource.004", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 290173 "resource.005", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 302946 "resource.006", "f18441027154292836b973c655fa3175", 282465 Interpreter version: 0.000.572 (got 0.000.572 by executable scan)

lsl2, English

"resource.002", "96033f57accfca903750413fd09193c8", 348672 "resource.003", "96033f57accfca903750413fd09193c8", 236676 "resource.001", "96033f57accfca903750413fd09193c8", 140526 "", "6bd43c92eaf561f64818116eed683fcf", 5598 "resource.004", "96033f57accfca903750413fd09193c8", 204867 "resource.005", "96033f57accfca903750413fd09193c8", 274953 "resource.006", "96033f57accfca903750413fd09193c8", 345818 Interpreter version: 0.000.343 (got 0.000.343 by executable scan)

Also, I have lsl7, German

"ressci.000", "a8c6817bb94f332ff498a71c8b47f893", 66971724 "resmap.000", "c11e6bfcfc2f2d05da47e5a7df3e9b1a", 8188

Scan did not provide any interpreter versions (most likely because the name isn't known, EXEs in program dir are sier.exe, sierw.exe, and sierw5.exe), in all three I can find the string '3.000.000' as the only one matching [0-9]\.[0-9]{3}\.[0-9]{3}, don't know if that's the correct way to identify the version, though.

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comment:1 by bluegr, 15 years ago

The entries for LSL2 and LSL3 English were already in the detector Added LSL7 with the correct version

Thanks Closing

comment:2 by bluegr, 15 years ago

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comment:3 by digitall, 6 years ago

Component: Engine: SCI
Game: Leisure Suit Larry 7
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