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SCI: italian md5

Reported by: SF/glorifindel Owned by: Kirben
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I've seen that some recent commits were regarding adding and ordering SCI md5, so I collect some of them from the italian version of the SCI games I own:

King's Quest 5 - Italian floppy (released on CD with Space Quest 4)
"resource.002", "8cdc160f9dfc84aed7caa6c66fa31000", 1340730
"resource.003", "d0cb52dc41488c018359aa79a6527f51", 1323676
"resource.000", "c99bbb11ace4aaacdc98b588a2ecea06", 332246
"resource.001", "42b98457b1a7282daa27afd89eef53f4", 1136389
"", "d55c9e83894a0885e37cd79bacf86384", 8283
"resource.007", "dc10c107e0923b902326a040b9c166b9", 1337859
"resource.004", "e5c57060adf2b5c6fc24142acba023da", 1331097
"resource.005", "f4e441f284560eaa8022102315656a7d", 1267757
"resource.006", "8eeabd92af71e766e323db2100879102", 1209325

Space Quest 4 - Italian floppy
"resource.002", "a6a8d7a24dbb7a266a26b084e7275e89", 1241124
"resource.003", "5289000399d503b59da9e23129256f1a", 1325546
"resource.000", "2ac39ff61e369b79f3d7a4ad514f8e29", 203170
"resource.001", "99a6df6d366b3f061271ff3450ac0d32", 1286269
"", "e753dfa96d68dd95f84f6cd80479a35e", 6135
"resource.004", "4277c61bed40a50dadc4b5a344520af2", 1251000
"resource.005", "5f885abd335978e2fd4e5f886d7676c8", 1102880

Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Italian floppy (released on CD with Space Quest 5)
"resource.000", "a8989a5a89e7d4f702b26b378c7a357a", 7001981
"", "a99776df795127f387cb35dae872d4e4", 5919

Space Quest 5 - Italian floppy
"resource.000", "5040026519f37199f3616fb1d4704dff", 6047170
"", "5b09168baa2f6e2e22787429b2d72f54", 6492

I've got some italian SCI32 games too; I know it's a bit early to send them, but since they can help future tests here they are:

Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Italian CD
"ressci.000", "440b9fed89590abb4e4386ed6f948ee2", 67140181
"resmap.000", "9852a97141f789413f29bf956052acdb", 8212

Torin's Passage - Italian CD
My version is recognized as DOS/Spanish

Rama - Italian CD
"ressci.001", "2a68edd064e5e4937b5e9c74b38f2082", 70611091
"resmap.001", "70ba2ff04a2b7fb2c52420ba7fbd47c2", 8338

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comment:1 by Kirben, 11 years ago

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comment:2 by Kirben, 11 years ago

I added all the game details to ScummVM SVN.

comment:3 by SF/glorifindel, 11 years ago

I've rescan some games, here's the interpreters versions

Couldn't parse the interpreter version: 1.ls5.006 (by executable scan)

Interpreter version: 1.001.068 (got 1.001.068 by executable scan)

KQ 5
Interpreter version: 1.000.784 (got 1.000.784 by executable scan)

Some new games:

Freddy Pharkas - English CD
Recognized as German CD

Laura Bow 1 - RW Anthology
"resource.002", "e45c888d9c7c04aec0a20e9f820b79ff", 721381
"resource.003", "e45c888d9c7c04aec0a20e9f820b79ff", 667468
"resource.001", "e45c888d9c7c04aec0a20e9f820b79ff", 515788
"", "4e511f47d9893fa529d6621a93fa0030", 8478
"resource.004", "e45c888d9c7c04aec0a20e9f820b79ff", 683807
Interpreter version: 0.000.631 (got 0.000.631 by executable scan)

Behind the Developer's Shield / Inside the Chest (KQ specials) - RW Anthology
"resource.000", "e4efcd042f86679dd4e1834bb3a38edb", 3770943
"", "9dd015e79cac4f91e7de805448f39775", 1912
Interpreter version: 2.100.002 (got 2.100.002 by executable scan)

comment:4 by digitall, 13 months ago

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