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MANIAC V2: Meteor Police never arrives

Reported by: SF/vorph999 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Maniac Mansion



just tested Maniac Mansion V2 PC German DOS

I tried completing the game using the Meteor Police Path.

ScummVM used: SVN 0.13pre 24.01.2009 on Windows XP

Game is not completable as the Meteor Police doesn't arrive.

I called the Meteor Police (code 3412) but the arrival scene is never played. Instead, whenever I try to call the Police a 2nd time, the little guy keeps telling me that the door is still locked even though both doors are already opened.

savegame "Finale" attached

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Savegame Finale

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by SF/vorph999, 11 years ago

Attachment: maniac-v2-de.s06 added

Savegame Finale

comment:1 by SF/vorph999, 11 years ago

Summary: Meteor Police never arrivesMM: Meteor Police never arrives

comment:2 by SF/maplesyrup, 11 years ago

This happens when you use a cracked version of Maniac Mansion.

comment:3 by SF/vorph999, 11 years ago


that's almost impossible as this version comes straight of the 'Day of the Tentacle' CD I bought some years ago in Germany as a coverdisc on a Magizine called 'Bestseller Games Gold'. Is there a way to determine if this Version is
in altered in any way ??

Kind regards

comment:4 by sev-, 11 years ago

Could you, please, provide md5s for all game files? Perhaps some file is really corrupt.

comment:5 by SF/vorph999, 11 years ago


sorry that this took so long... I did the MD5 for the entire file using digestit2004.

4ed6d908e766e37502350ff85a131ec1 MANIAC.OVL
183d7464902d40d00800e8ee1f04117c 00.LFL
f1a702b0caaf19527d714b74ea62417a 01.LFL
c22281ecf70fdcd456c4cd19f9dec9db 02.LFL
1473290e7e93182134e17f5c4fd81029 03.LFL
c052ab7e9efe7db8fef13d829c3a5aa2 04.LFL
2719fbd56242f2ac15104a81abc3178a 05.LFL
95e7f022325d803e28e5b189cbd2ed85 06.LFL
6e57edc021e59049690b154c51a27893 07.LFL
41b08a9773928a4e359856545564572f 08.LFL
ae2cf084a80297bd092d047c24bc3120 09.LFL
eb29696349ce4da1f17d8dedefd459fb 10.LFL
e9a4c244ec585f2ff0dbd38863557236 11.LFL
ee371883409376cd57404f0b98ea454a 12.LFL
4b40428447a6eb4b9425e70e5d823c28 13.LFL
2540710e1386559a41d4c98048ed833f 14.LFL
e244e857ebb2da53b98082fccf492342 15.LFL
5ce3c9830171f41594c9a91defb8123f 16.LFL
51a84a8a45f39d7bcbff385bdd9f1e11 17.LFL
1f0cc9d2cc3e4fdc04108c51e2f425fe 18.LFL
7a7435443a57fd3dcd6c250e103d820b 19.LFL
c59bbb2acc74220f96aefbf190e63018 20.LFL
1c99c5cca0979a9cd541fb20e1e671ff 21.LFL
02587e9ef1ae8418b2df7cbe1a34403e 22.LFL
25d42312d5fb74862248b3953535eea6 23.LFL
6ed399bb1ec5416a31abf536b73ab6a5 24.LFL
f1b230c515d3e06bc73ba30628aa1adb 25.LFL
43e06407091566d448f1d61a2f8d6ccc 26.LFL
eda0b89658226f17c6e0a2c4b3692bbe 27.LFL
0c4d4e6f079c36e7bd4327bbe89d5fbc 28.LFL
931ebfbc3a476400af98263450329c13 29.LFL
1188c0ba982b956094fb556685b69b79 30.LFL
fa9b6e1b454c2e192a551a056161acf1 31.LFL
3fcec3d90925560427a82f517cc5b65c 32.LFL
b1bf2fa7b12772af63547f9be835e7d0 33.LFL
07d98909cd26ef72265a7bacf738881d 34.LFL
cdd340c186bed55a4ae41ce7fabb2147 35.LFL
68f50e373da5c83a8452f6cf7b207638 36.LFL
dd2407c2519c116276496b40810b5c4c 37.LFL
8acda2a4f4eab78ac45af5b2340b0024 38.LFL
053eb6460d568e1302a4e8dcf5cd8a11 39.LFL
2a17a24107913bb14e17f2609e18a2d8 40.LFL
8e076b4cdc0311b22a4941a8636f0194 41.LFL
3e0e9064b9549cd073d69b69658fddca 42.LFL
cd562448a8286876fba21784266f0618 43.LFL
14a2d7a44ba48e32b675ea01add954c5 44.LFL
dbe8f79bbbcdb3456110e0fbdd6ffb5c 45.LFL
e0f19706cc1f9f9eba0b1a068d74e74e 46.LFL
7541f3441821d1792d61d5a00c536507 47.LFL
2fe8c70c6c15b18e711fc88f3717145f 48.LFL
6003f9b85161377950bde2765303095a 49.LFL
2a80c058f767519a01315133aa00ba41 50.LFL
e2d5cdd88883d79dd51d36de42fac6e1 51.LFL
09c1fe5a13a08e47757e91ffab113b04 52.LFL
1763e793e66056b7f72adfd94acbcf05 53.LFL

Kind regards


comment:6 by sev-, 10 years ago

The checksums match. Weird, as the game has been completed hundreds of times.

comment:7 by sev-, 10 years ago

Priority: normalhigh

comment:8 by sev-, 10 years ago

This bug is nice to get fixed before the release. Raising priority for keeping the track.

comment:9 by hkzlab, 10 years ago

I've been able to reproduce the problem on Maniac Mansion for NES (Italian).
The first time the meteor police is called, it doesn't arrive, if called a second time, the alien says that the door was locked and to open it, a few minutes after the second call it appears and the game goes on normally.

comment:10 by fingolfin, 8 years ago

Summary: MM: Meteor Police never arrivesMANIAC V2: Meteor Police never arrives

comment:11 by sev-, 7 years ago

Priority: highnormal
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