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WII: problems with the widescreen fix

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The optional changes to accomodate 16:9 widescreen display users don't work as expected. Large black borders are now all the way around the edges of the screen. The display area is expectedly stretched when using the fullscreen option, but the large black borders are still there and the aspect ratio correction option appears to do nothing.

Some (perhaps useful, perhaps not) notes: Widescreenfix works for MPlayerWii (currently only implemented in the unnoficial build of v0.03) but not Geexbox, because the proper fix has to be applied to wii linux before anything based on it will be able to work properly with widescreen displays. MPlayerWii is a direct port rather than being on top of wii linux, so there's no problem there. For another example of this, see Wii Solitaire v0.03 which has a perfectly working widescreen fix.

Much appreciation goes out for the effort in fixing this issue.

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

Owner: set to dhewg
Summary: Wii rev33789 and the widescreen fixWII: rev33789 and the widescreen fix

comment:2 by dhewg, 15 years ago

check the READMII, i think you got it wrong.

1) most wii apps have a problem using the full 16:9 display. i fixed that on hbc (will be in the next public version) and on the mplayer port i did for the upcoming dvd library by Erant. The same fix is now in scummvm and its confirmed working on various setups

3) i introduced some "graphic mode"'s with different overscan options (hint: this is what you want). i cannot choose one mode automatically, because every tv shows cute the picture differently

2) "Fullscreen mode" breaks the original 4:3 aspect ratio of the game. enabling it will stretch to a full 16:9 picture, disabling it will give you borders on the left and right side. this option has no effect whatsoever on 4:3 displays

3) "Aspect ratio correction" has no effect on the wii port. check the non-wii-port-specific README if you wanna know what its for

hint: restart scummvm after changing one of these settings

please try again and report back, im pretty sure its working just fine with the right settings. if there really is a problem a 'lil more info would be nice: ntsc/pal? 16:9? 480p? what game?

comment:3 by SF/arktis, 15 years ago

When originally posting this bug report, I had already tried multiple permutations of the settings including graphics modes with restarts to give them a chance to take effect just as you suggest.

With 0.12.0, I went through this whole process again, which was quite annoyingly tedious. Overscan 5 gets pretty close to zooming the picture enough, but not quite all the way to the edges horizontally and I am sure that if there was one step further to chose that some of the image would be getting squeezed past the top and bottom edges of the screen.

1.) Yes I am quite painfully aware of that, especially since all I have are two widscreens.

3.) See above.

3.) Again? Another 3? lol, nice post, man :p You even got some numbers out of order too. hehehe Anyways, thanks. I always skim readme files but I didn't know that.

In regards to your final questions, I am using a North American (NTSC) wii and widescreen tv with widescreen settings on in the wii settings and using YPbBr cable, but it wouldn't matter much... PAL users have the same issue. Further, with standard AV cables and/or different wii settings, it doesn't really make a difference. As you said, all homebrew has this hurdle to cross. Hell, even a few wii games are affected.

Trust me though, I have tried all possible combinations of every setting you could think of.

As (I believe) someone in the forums said, you need to be able to adjust the vertical and horizontal dimensions(?) independently. This is the only sure solution imho.

comment:4 by SF/arktis, 15 years ago

One quick note in answer to a question you asked that I forgot to answer, all the games I have tried are affected as well as the main screen before loading.

comment:5 by SF/arktis, 15 years ago

Summary: WII: rev33789 and the widescreen fixWii and the widescreen fix

comment:6 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

Summary: Wii and the widescreen fixWII: problems with the widescreen fix

comment:7 by fingolfin, 15 years ago

dhweg, any news on this?

comment:8 by dhewg, 15 years ago

The recent build i posted on the forums includes some more tweaks, please retry with overscan 4 and 5. I hope this fixes it, im running out of ideas...

comment:9 by sev-, 15 years ago

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comment:10 by sev-, 15 years ago

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Thank you.

comment:11 by dhewg, 15 years ago

arktis: Any news about this issue? Could you test a recent build? I also reread the comments, and indeed lol @my numbering :)

comment:12 by SF/sf-robot, 15 years ago

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comment:14 by digitall, 5 years ago

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