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PS2: makefile and path dependency

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In the ps2 makefile there are references to some directories like '/mnt/winxp/scummvm/ports'.

Could be possible to adopt a standard like in WINCE makefile? Making the libraries accesible in a common place.

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comment:1 by fingolfin, 16 years ago

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comment:2 by sunmax, 16 years ago

Hey mac_es, are you referring to the REMOTE_DIRECTORY in the WINCE makefile? It's going to be anyway a def, cause there is no way to predict where the various developers keep their PS2 libraries, nor we can bundle all of them with scummvm...

Please let us know what in the WinCE Makefile you like, and how you would like us to improve the PS2 Makefile.

Thanks -max

comment:3 by SF/mac_es, 16 years ago


No. I'm referring where to locate the libraries. In PS2 makefile you define PS2SDK_PORTS and MORE_LIBS_DIR, this directories points to a '/mnt/winxp/scummvm/ports'

In WINCE the makefile spects a directory 'lib' (in the backend directory) where are located the libraries. What I have made is a symbolic link to the real path. Whith this approach I can checkout whithout worrying about the makefile, in the PS2 case I have to modify the makefile.

I think that the wince approach is better, becasue for ex. if you decide to use the plugins in dymanic/static way I have not worry about it as long as I have the correct libraries in the 'standard' path.

But if you are more confident whith this makefile is ok, I will continue modifying the two lines :)


comment:4 by sunmax, 16 years ago


I see, the fact is that an intervention from the user is anyway required: either editing the Makefile to the place you have your libs or symlinking 'lib' to where you host the PS2 libs.

In the next release there is going to be a single place at the top of the Makefile where to specify that path, if there are enough users that prefers the 'lib' symlink instead, please speak up and it will be done that way!

Bug closed! -max

comment:5 by sunmax, 16 years ago

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