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PS2: HDD bug recognizing partition

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My setup is a fat PS2 V7 w/ DMS3 and a 500GB Seagate HDD. Before I start ScummVM (0.11.1) I ran uLaunchELF (4.12) ve and then I locate the ELF executable from my hdd0:+KORMANN partition and then I load it up.

First I have tried to locate my KYRA1 (The Legend of Kyrandia ENGLISH-CD) subfolder from +KORMANN/games/ScummVM/KYRA1 but the ScummVM doesn't even recognize my HDD from the "Add Game..." option.

Second I read the readme again and I found that I needed to have a partition with the label "+ScummVM" so I have renamed my partition label and then restarted ScummVM again. This time my HDD isn't recognized again. So I thought "sh!t it's not working", then I had tried with my usb pendrive (thanks god I got one from xmas)

Third I have tried from usb pendrive and I could add KYRA1 and then I ran it, but for my surprise it hanged/freezed just before the intro when Malcom the Joker transforms Brendon's Master in to a Stone Statue.

Then I found why my hdd wasn't been recognized, because my uLaunchELF was set to "RESET IOP: ON". I will explain how I've fixed the HDD problem below.

I) Adding ScummVM games from your HDD

1)Certify that your uLaunchELF (4.12) is configured to "RESET IOP: OFF". a) Go to Configure uLaunchELF then STARTUP SETTINGS. b) In the STARTUP SETTINGS screen set RESET IOP to OFF. ps: If you have changed from ON to OFF please choose OK to accept the changes and to go back to main screen (this way the settings will be saved) and reset your PS2 and (at uLaunchELF) then go to step 2.

2) Go to FILEBROWSER and load up the +ScummVM partition and look for the ScummVM executable file "SCUMMVM.ELF" and run it.

3) In the ScummVM screen go to ADD GAME and you shall see: DVD DRIVE HARDDISK USB MASS STORAGE

4) Select HARDDISK and add the folder of the game you want to add. After the game has been added don't try to load it yet, because it won't run, you will get a black screen.

II) Running games from your HDD

1) After the you have completed all the tasks above you should reset your PS2.

2) Now go to uLaunchELF again at the CONFIGURE ULAUNCHELF > STARTUP SETTINGS and set RESET IOP to ON. Choose OK to accept the changes and go back to main screen (this way the settings will be saved) and reset your PS2 and (at uLaunchELF) then go to step 3.

3) Now look for your +ScummVM partition with the FILEBROWSER and load SCUMMVM.ELF.

4) At ScummVM screen select the game you want to play and voiolá, with these steps I could play Kyrandia. I have not tested any other game (I don't own any other) but I believe isnt a games problem, it's a ScummVM bug.

III) Questions/Answers

1) What is "RESET IOP: ON" ? It resets all modules loaded previously by uLaunchELF before you load any program.

2) What is "RESET IOP: OFF" ? Keep the modules already loaded to the memory so other programs can use it.

OBS: If you try to add games to your hdd with "RESET IOP: ON" at ADD GAME screen you won't see the HARDDISK drive, you only will see the DVDDRIVE and USB MASS STORAGE.

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comment:2 by sunmax, 15 years ago

The IOP/driver issue is fixed as of 0.12.0 ;-)

I tested myself with uLE and it's doing fine both installing and running all ScummVM games without need to change the IOP settings in uLe.

For the partition name, if there are enough requests we could make in a configrable option as soon as we have the virtual keyboard on PS2 going.

Bug closed, -max

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