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SCUMM: Zak McKracken - intro behavior + movement

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Zak McKracken German v2 DOS version tested with ScummVM SVNBuild from May 31st 2007 on WinXP

- Zak turns to the right in the intro after receiving seattle ticket instead of facing front.

- When Zak is chased by the hat and the noseglasses in the intro, they don't turn around simultaneously, the hat-glasses are following him longer before turning around.

- It seems that when you're clicking somewhere where Zak should go, you have to wait until he finishes moving before going elsewhere (e.g. when on at the airport when clicking first at the airplane exit and then on the ticket machine) . Seems to be like that in some parts of the game.

Those bugs don't seem to exist when running the game in DOSBox.

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Summary: ZM intro behavior + movementZAK: intro behavior + movement

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Please file one bug report for each issue next time, that considerably simplifies handling for us.

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Thank you.

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Atually, sev, we didn't ask a question yet to which the Adventureguy might answer... :)

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Summary: ZAK: intro behavior + movementSCUMM: Zak McKracken - intro behavior + movement
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