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ELVIRA2: unknown game

Reported by: SF/cybot_tm Owned by: Kirben
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGOS
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game: Elvira 2


Your game version appears to be unknown. Please, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name of the game you tried to add and its version/language/etc.: tbllist.: '8252660df0edbdbc3e6377e155bbd0c5', 284 start.: '016107aced82d0cc5d758a9fba716270', 27852 menus.dat: 'a2fdc88a77c8bdffec6b36cbeda4d955', 108 stripped.txt: 'c3a8f644551a27c8a2fec0f8070b46b7', 81 icon.dat: '83a7278bff55c82fbb3aef92981866c9', 54471 stripped.txt.: 'c3a8f644551a27c8a2fec0f8070b46b7', 81 gamepc: 'bfcd74d704ad481d75eb6ba5b828333a', 129577 menus.dat.: 'a2fdc88a77c8bdffec6b36cbeda4d955', 108 icon.dat.: '83a7278bff55c82fbb3aef92981866c9', 54471 tbllist: '8252660df0edbdbc3e6377e155bbd0c5', 284 gamepc.: 'bfcd74d704ad481d75eb6ba5b828333a', 129577 start: '016107aced82d0cc5d758a9fba716270', 27852


Elvira 2: spanish using scummvm svn build 2007-02-24

even if this is unofficial translation - i even cannot add the game ...

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comment:1 by Kirben, 17 years ago

Owner: set to Kirben
Resolution: fixed
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comment:2 by Kirben, 17 years ago

This version has been reported as official release in our forusm, in the past.

I just updated the md5 details for the Spanish version of Elvira 2 in ScummVM SVN. Use the current Windows snapshot of ScummVM SVN (which I just updated).

comment:3 by SF/cybot_tm, 17 years ago

works - thanks

comment:4 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: Engine: AGOS
Game: Elvira 2
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