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SYMBIAN: detection problems in SAGA engine

Reported by: sev- Owned by: sev-
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SAGA
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Cc: Game: Inherit the Earth


ITE doe not work on SymbianOS build. Tested on UIQ3, 0.9.1 release.

For DOS full game and Windows demo (I'm sure other games will give same result) I get following:

- detection goes well and game gets added with proper name and target name - attempt to run it gives this error message: "SagaEngine:loadGame wrong gameNumber" which should never happen unless there is weird thing with md5s.

You can download ITE demo from

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comment:1 by sev-, 17 years ago

Summary: ITE: Symbian. Doesn't work at allSYMBIAN: detection problems in SAGA engine

comment:2 by anotherguest, 17 years ago

Have check the code for the detection and see if there are any alignment issues or other which might affect this.

comment:3 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Status: newpending

comment:4 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

What is the status of this item? In particular, note that the detection code underwent some changes recently.

comment:5 by sev-, 17 years ago

No, there were no detection code changes in SAGA engine. On the contrary, AdvancedDetector came from this engine. It occurs with me on 0.9.1 and there is no alignment or endianness-depended code in any of our detectors, i.e we read game data byte by byte to calculate md5 and that's all.

anotherguest, currently 0.9.1 does not detect any SAGA game for me, so you may just grab its demo from and test. Or update our svn builds page with new set and I can test it for you.

comment:6 by sev-, 17 years ago

Status: pendingnew

comment:7 by anotherguest, 17 years ago

I have tested the ITE demo on the latest SVN build on a UIQ3 P990 and it worked fine. Not sure what might have gone with the MD5 in the 0.9.1 build. Is there any interrest of rebuilding another 0.9.1 or continuing on the SVN path which works?

comment:8 by sev-, 17 years ago

Owner: changed from anotherguest to sev-

comment:9 by sev-, 17 years ago

Of course, do not mess with 0.9.0 branch, with SVN only. I will test the latest SVN build soon and will report.

comment:10 by fingolfin, 17 years ago

Any news on this one?

comment:11 by sev-, 17 years ago

Works now.

comment:12 by sev-, 17 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed
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