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FOA: Indy walks on the spot

Reported by: eriktorbjorn Owned by: cyxx
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
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Game: Indiana Jones 4


Current 0.9.0 SVN
English talkie version

On the wits path, when starting a fire on the
submarine, Indy walks away. When he reaches his
destination, he keeps walking on the spot. To reproduce
the glitch, simply use the attached savegame and push
the lever.

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atlantisa.s21 (25.5 KB ) - added by eriktorbjorn 13 years ago.
Savegame on board the submarine
1508935.diff (1.8 KB ) - added by cyxx 13 years ago.
Possible fix for the issue (adds extra check to actorWalkStep)

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by eriktorbjorn, 13 years ago

Attachment: atlantisa.s21 added

Savegame on board the submarine

comment:1 by fingolfin, 13 years ago

Hmm, I thought I fixed that bugs years ago. I wonder if that is a regression...

comment:2 by cyxx, 13 years ago

From script-39-212, we have :

[0040] (1E) walkActorTo(1,617,144)
[0046] (80) breakHere()
[0047] (43) VAR_RESULT = getActorX(1)
[004C] (38) unless (VAR_RESULT >= 617) goto 0046;
[0053] (11) animateCostume(1,246)

First, walkActorTo gets called, Indy walks up to the
destination box 12.

When he walks on the last box, walkActor() detects it,
breaks out of its loop and sets the flag MF_LAST_LEG to the
_moving field of the actor.

Thing is, that in this script, animateCostume() gets called,
which will call turnToDirection ; which does this :

if (newdir != _facing) {
if (_vm->_game.version <= 6)
_moving = MF_TURN;
_moving |= MF_TURN;
_targetFacing = newdir;

Since this is version 5, the MF_LAST_LEG flag of the _moving
field is 'lost' (and hasn't been handled at all).

Then, walkActor() will be invoked, but won't stop the actor
from moving since _moving is equal to MF_TURN.

It seems this part of the code was changed to match
disassembly, but this clearly looks problematic in this
particular situation.

Removing the 'if (_vm->_game.version <= 6)' block fixes the
problem (MF_LAST_LEG won't be lost, then), but if we change
that, there's probably more to update in walkActor too.

comment:3 by Kirben, 13 years ago

I made the change, based on assembler code of original
games. I rechecked the original code of FOA to be sure, and
it matches the current code of turnToDirection() too.

Maybe we have a bug elsewhere in walk code?

comment:4 by Kirben, 13 years ago

Looking further at code of animateActor() in earlier games,
I noticed the original used set cases values.

In SCUMM 3 - 4 the set values of (244, 248 and 252 were
In SCUMM5 it was changed to 'anim / 4', and set values of
61, 62 and 63. Which would trigger the into beween values,
ie 246.

I wonder if that was a mistake though, since it would
caused by rounding issue.

comment:5 by Kirben, 13 years ago

Nevermnd, the earlier games use similar technique for
commands of animateActor().

by cyxx, 13 years ago

Attachment: 1508935.diff added

Possible fix for the issue (adds extra check to actorWalkStep)

comment:6 by cyxx, 13 years ago

Looking at the disassembly of monkey2 and atlantis, there's
a special check in actorWalkStep() which makes a difference
in this situation (MF_LAST_LEG gets handled properly).

Patch attached.

While I was at it, I modified some other parts of the code
to match disasm.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to help bug #551715...

comment:7 by Kirben, 13 years ago

I added patch to ScummVM SVN, since it fixes the problem
and matches the original games.

Your patch fixed the problem of car failing to turn during
the smart star challenge in Big Thinker's 1st Grade too.

comment:8 by Kirben, 13 years ago

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