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GUI: Strange keyboard behaviour

Reported by: eriktorbjorn Owned by: eriktorbjorn
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Current ScummVM SVN version

This may be partly an SDL problem (Debian 1.2.9)
packages, but here's what's happening to me. In the
GUI, I try to enter a ! in an input field.

Sometimes, I only get a key down event for the shift
key, not for the ! key. I have no idea why.

Assuming I do get key down events for both keys, I
first get one for the Shift key (keycode 304) and one
for the ! key (keycode 33). So far, so good.

If I release the ! key before the Shift key, I get a
key up events for keycodes 33 and 304, in that order.
That's fine.

If I release the Shift key before the ! key, I only get
a key up event for the Shift key, keycode 304.

Since the GUI thinks the ! is still held down, it will
begin repeating.

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I can no longer reproduce this. Possibly because I updated
to the SDL 1.2.10 packages that just entered Debian
unstable. I see the X11 input driver was changed, among
other things.

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This is probably the explanation (from the Debian changelog):

* debian/patches/005_x11_keysym_fix.diff:
+ Disabled this patch because it breaks numerous
programs that assume,
quite correctly, that a keysym actually represents the
physical key
being pressed (Closes: #347709, #358870, #358976,

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