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Monitor is put in standby or is modeswitched all the time

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I'm not sure if this applies to all games, as I only play Monkey Island 3, but it would seem to be very generic.

My monitor keeps getting put in VESA standby (not SUSPEND or OFF) mode. I'm not sure if that's it, but it would seem to be. It doesn't happen after a long time of inactivity, it can happen very suddenly. Moving the mouse or touching a key brings back the picture. It's not a screensaver, because it takes about a second for the image to reappear, and when the image is gone, the OSD of my monitor doesn't respond.

On most monitors VESA standby actually results in suspend or off, so the powerled starts to blink, or turn yellow or something. But this monitor does implement standby, which is the lightest form of power management and doesn't cause the powerled to change color or blink, because all that's done is removing the signal from the picture tube. In any event, what I mean is, that it's not easy to see if this is actually the standby mode, or that it's modeswitching in rapid succuession for example (faster than it can keep up with, resulting in a constantly black picture), since during a modeswitch the OSD also doesn't respond and it takes a while to sync to the new mode, which would explain delay of the picture reappearing.

Hardware: Video: GeForce 6600LE on Eizo T766 CRT monitor. CPU: Athlon X2 3800+ 2GB RAM. Mainboard: MSI K8N Neo4, NForce4 Ultra chipset.

Software: Gentoo Linux, kernel 2.6.15. Glibc: 2.3.5 GCC: 3.4.5 6.8.2 C(XX)FLAGS: "-O3 -march=i686 -mtune=athlon-xp -pipe" ScumVM: 0.8.1 (latest Gentoo stable)

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We do nothing in this aspect. We use SDL for graphics stuff, and more ppropriate would be to approach them or read their forums/mailing lists/whatever.

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