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Reported by: SF/joachimeberhard Owned by: Kirben
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCUMM
Version: Keywords: detection
Cc: Game:


Dear ScummVM team!

There is also a Mac version on the CD:

Best regards



The AirPort (0)
d6334a5a9b61afe18c368540fdf522ca The AirPort (1) 100% e51ba2794c8fbe267b3cc9cf5f511ea9 The AirPort (2)
0d20f6a921a35ed907a875e26e050b9c The AirPort (4)
45348231d5da1aaa87e65ca170956eee The AirPort (7)
cb6ef7b42f7804834a731826567d4212 The AirPort (9)


07433205acdca3bc553d0e731588b35f AIRPORT.HE1 100% 1a40631092357a0a2fb63ed881a83730 AIRPORT.HE2
0d20f6a921a35ed907a875e26e050b9c AIRPORT.HE3
c0e6ea1d47493cca09fc674c3d097836 AIRPORT.HE4 100% 45348231d5da1aaa87e65ca170956eee AIRPORT.HE7
cb6ef7b42f7804834a731826567d4212 AIRPORT.HE9
765492059d83bc0ae8c30a4feef50a6a AIRPORT.HLP
fdebd0b6c8d910ba6e7bdabf7383bd8b AIRPORT.W32

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comment:1 by Kirben, 18 years ago

Owner: set to Kirben

comment:2 by Kirben, 18 years ago

I added the details for the Macintosh version, use the current Windows snapshot of ScummVM.

comment:3 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

Hi kirben

This is the error it produces:

Looking for airport Trying to start game 'Let's Explore the Airport with Buzzy' (0:1:0x55): Resource fork is missing in file 'The AirPort'

comment:4 by Kirben, 18 years ago

Choose 'MacBinary' when copying the 'The AirPort' from the CD, since ScummVM requires the resource fork.

comment:5 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

Same here:

the .he3 file doesn't exist in the Mac version....

comment:6 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

And: The Freddi1 Demo is still on botton of the Freddi1 Demos instead of on top, above the Windows demos.....

comment:7 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

This is the md5 of the binary:

The AirPort

comment:8 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

Ok, when I copy only the file "The Airport" as MacBinary, rename the "The Airport.bin" to "The Airport" and overwrite the "datafork" version, it works.

comment:9 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

This is the correct md5 of the executable, copied in MacBinary:

The AirPort

comment:10 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

I took the liberty to close this bugreport, since The Airport plays without any problems...

Best regards


comment:11 by SF/joachimeberhard, 18 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:12 by Kirben, 18 years ago

Keywords: detection added

comment:13 by digitall, 5 years ago

Component: Engine: SCUMM
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