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IHNM: French MD5s

Reported by: SF/aiviru Owned by: sev-
Priority: low Component: Engine: SAGA
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Cc: Game: I Have No Mouth


I have a French talkie version of IHNM which, upon trying detection, gives me the following:

MD5s of your game version are unknown. Please, report following data to ScummVM team along with your game name and version: MUSICFM.RES: 0439083e3dfdc51b486071d45872ae52 MUSICGM.RES: 80f875a1fb384160d1f4b27166eef583 PATCH.RE_: 58b79e61594779513c7f2d35509fa89e SCREAM.RES: c92370d400e6f2a3fc411c3729d09224 SCRIPTS.RES: 32aa01a89937520fe0ea513950117292 SFX.RES: 1c610d543f32ec8b525e3f652536f269 VOICES1.RES: 424971e1e2373187c3f5734fe36071a2 VOICES2.RES: c2d93a35d2c2def9c3d6d242576c794b VOICES3.RES: 49e42befea883fd101ec3d0f5d0647b9 VOICES5.RES: f4c415de7c03de86b73f9a12b8bd632f VOICES6.RES: 3fc5358a5d8eee43bdfab2740276572e VOICESS.RES: b8642e943bbebf89cef2f48b31cb4305 musicfm.res: 0439083e3dfdc51b486071d45872ae52 musicgm.res: 80f875a1fb384160d1f4b27166eef583 patch.re_: 58b79e61594779513c7f2d35509fa89e scream.res: c92370d400e6f2a3fc411c3729d09224 scripts.res: 32aa01a89937520fe0ea513950117292 sfx.res: 1c610d543f32ec8b525e3f652536f269 voices1.res: 424971e1e2373187c3f5734fe36071a2 voices2.res: c2d93a35d2c2def9c3d6d242576c794b voices3.res: 49e42befea883fd101ec3d0f5d0647b9 voices5.res: f4c415de7c03de86b73f9a12b8bd632f voices6.res: 3fc5358a5d8eee43bdfab2740276572e voicess.res: b8642e943bbebf89cef2f48b31cb4305

Unfortunately the jewel case tells me little about versions. I do remember it's a French talkie version of the game.

I realise this isn't a supported game yet, but think (hope) you'll want this info (eventually?) anyway. If I was wrong, sorry :)

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comment:1 by sev-, 18 years ago

Thanks for your report. It is not supported in sense that we don't want to hear bugreports about it yet. But this is our currently active subproject. We have complete intro running, as well as ability to select character and walk around the world a little.

I will add your list quite soon. Also a question to you. Do you happen to know where I can obtain this version? I don't need neither box nor manual, just game CD.

comment:2 by sev-, 18 years ago

Owner: set to sev-
Priority: normallow
Summary: IHNM: MD5sIHNM: French MD5s

comment:3 by SF/aiviru, 18 years ago

Unfortunately I have no idea where to get this version. I must've bought this game close to a decade ago (and sadly didn't complete it yet because my French wasn't so great at the time).

I know it's being worked on since I track CVS messages, and so I dug it out again :) It'll be cool to see this game progress the way BASS and Sword2 did.

comment:4 by SF/kaminari, 18 years ago

Huh, this game was translated *and* dubbed in French? This is big news to me. Was the title translated as well, or did they keep the original English one? Who's the publisher? Could it be that it's a Canadian product and not a French one?

comment:5 by SF/kaminari, 18 years ago

Gathering info around the Net, I learned a bit more about this French version.

It appears the game passed almost unnoticed over here, which explains I had never heard about it being translated. The voiceover was pretty lame, but more importantly, the Nimdok part was entirely cut out in the French and German versions. Considering this was the most important part of the game (according to Ellison himself), this is quite a shame.

comment:6 by sev-, 18 years ago

Added to CVS.

comment:7 by sev-, 18 years ago

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comment:8 by Strangerke, 10 years ago

Component: --Unset--Engine: SAGA
Game: I Have No Mouth
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