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SCUMM: Autosave warnings still pop up when classic menus are used

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This was tested with ScummVM 2.8.1 and also a local build from current master HEAD for 2.9.0git on Windows 10.

The report is based on a thread opened on the ScummVM forums here:

Affected seemed to be all SCUMM games that have the option to "Enable the Original GUI and Menu".

The main issue seems to be thus:

  • In this case (using the classic GUI menus), if autosaving is enabled from the Global Options, the user still gets prompted to move their save game from the autosave slot (0 for GMM, 1 for classic menu), delete it or ignore the message; with the latter case being that they will get again prompted 5 minutes later about this. Regardless of what the user chooses, no new autosave will actually be created in the autosave slot.

Since the autosave slot overwrite warning prompt depends on a flag being set here from the result of canSaveAutosaveCurrently():
it seems that overriding that method (canSaveAutosaveCurrently()) for the SCUMM engine and including in the implementation the check for isUsingOriginalGUI(), would result in skipping the warning prompt altogether, so that might be a potential fix for this.

Additionally, it might be worth considering adding some info on the checkbox option for enabling the classic GUI, that autosaving will be disabled while that's activated.

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