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DIRECTOR: Various Vince Collins "VinceWorld" Director skeletons not accounted for on detection list

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So, as we are want to do, we have a stash of Macromedia Director applets by none other than the artist Vince Collins, as part of his VinceWorld series. Note that we are referring to standalone applications that were released across approx. 1995-1997, not just the 1998 compilation executable titled "VinceWorld" that tends to show up if you Google these things! This might sound silly, but given how obscure these usually are, I'd like to prevent confusion whenever possible.

Anyways, we've amassed this through a few sources, but one thing everything on it has in common is that all of them are either as-of-currently unaccounted for on ScummVM's detection for Director applications, or they get added improperly.

While odds are slim to none they'd work without tweaks anyways, I figured I'd send what might be the most complete list of Vince Collins applications thus far.

Completely Ignored:


Only detected via Mass Add, had bugs: AUTOMAT.EXE

Didn't test this one, and it's less relevant seeing as it is the aforementioned 1998 compilation, but guessing it also wouldn't work as it wasn't in the compatibility list on GitHub: VWORLD.EXE

Interestingly, AUTOMAT.EXE did work, in the sense that it was detected in Mass Add. It didn't let us select it in single add, however, and simply listed itself as "Macromedia Director Game (v4.00/Windows)". It also alleged it was the only game of its type, when there's obviously all those above it as well.

Obviously, even though literally all of these 3 MB-or-so Director Skeletons are beyond abandonware, I'm a little concerned about just sharing them willy-nilly. However, should push come to shove, we'd be glad to share our collection of these things in the pursuit of making sure you're working with the right executables.

If we were at any point unclear in this (or if this is just too confusing, which to be fair, is the usual response these tend to garner), we would be happy to clarify.

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Summary: Various Vince Collins "VinceWorld" Director skeletons not accounted for on detection listDIRECTOR: Various Vince Collins "VinceWorld" Director skeletons not accounted for on detection list

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