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MD5: GLK: ADRIFT - Unknown (crashing/erroring) game variants

Reported by: raziel- Owned by:
Priority: high Component: Engine: GLK: Adrift
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ScummVM 2.8.0git (Sep 20 2023 11:04:55)
Using SDL backend with SDL 2.28.0
Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib MPEG2 MikMod Theora VPX AAC A/52 FreeType2 FriBiDi JPEG PNG GIF cloud (servers, local) ENet SDL2 TinyGL OpenGL (with shaders)

"Blood Relatives"
{"Blood_Relatives.taf", 0, "d9384fe44f98113e5df8fdb4aba1d2a2", 81356},

assertion "gs_is_game_valid(gs) && gs_in_range(object, gs->object_count)" failed: file "engines/glk/adrift/scgamest.cpp", line 246

AmigaOS4 - Big Endian - PPC
gcc (adtools build 11.3.0) 11.3.0

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Priority: normalhigh

comment:2 by sev-, 3 months ago

Summary: GLK: ADRIFT - Unknown (crashing/erroring) game variantsMD5: GLK: ADRIFT - Unknown (crashing/erroring) game variants

comment:3 by tag2015, 3 months ago

I think this one can be closed, it's already in the detection tables. It's one of the unsupported ADRIFT4 games (it was probably reported as an unknown variant because these entries are excluded from release builds)

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