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NANCY: Nancy3 rotation navigation broken

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In Nancy3 (Message in a Haunted Mansion), on all builds I have tried since detection for the steam version was added, rotating the camera in the starting room, both via keymap and via point and click, is broken. I am able to rotate one click after examining something and going back (e.g. Clicking the suitcase and returning), but it then stops working again. Notably, both earlier games (Nancy1 and Nancy2), as well as the later games that are bootable (Nancy4 and Nancy5) do not have this problem.
Additionally, in repeatedly starting the game to test this, I have found that it is impossible to skip through the intro narration, again unlike nancy2, nancy4, nancy5, though I do not currently have access to a PC to check if this was just the original behavior.
This was most recently tested on Nintendo Switch build 2.8.0git7625-g7315a17f3d9, using the english Steam version of the game.

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