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DIRECTOR: AmandaStories (D3) not launching

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I'm running ScummVM 2.8.0git3909-g1bbe88ce0fd (Apr 21 2023 04:26:10) on macOS 12.6.4 Intel.

I've got the Mac files for the color version of AmandaStories. I'm just getting these error messages when I try & launch the game in ScummVM:

User picked target 'amandastories-mac' (engine ID 'director', game ID 'amandastories')...
   Looking for a plugin supporting this target... Macromedia Director
Running AmandaStories (v3.0/Macintosh/English)
AmandaStories: 1687f456d7f2bcf98e84fec6d3a03c17, 353729 bytes.
WARNING: SearchSet::add: archive '/Applications/ScummVM/Games/Director/Amanda Stories/AmandaStories Color' already present!
Starting v300 Director game
Director pixelformat is: CLUT8
WARNING: Lingo Inited!
WARNING: Detected Projector file!
WARNING: Replaced score name with: AmandaStories Menu (from HD:Amanda:Director:AmandaStories Menu)!
WARNING: Lingo::openXLib: Unimplemented xlib: 'XCMDGlue'!
WARNING: Lingo::openXLib: Unimplemented xlib: 'Window'!
WARNING: Lingo::openXLib: Unimplemented xlib: 'Panel'!
WARNING: Cast::loadPalette(): header says 65535 steps but there's only enough data for 11, reducing!
WARNING: Cast::loadPalette(): attempted to set invalid color index 65535, aborting!
WARNING: Cast::loadCastDataVWCR(): non-existent reference to BitmapCastMember!
Assertion failed: (idx < _size), function operator[], file array.h, line 234.
zsh: abort      /Applications/ScummVM/

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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Summary: DIRECTOR: AmandaStories not launchingDIRECTOR: AmandaStories (D3) not launching
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