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TETRAEDGE: No confirmation dialog when quitting from the main screen

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Priority: normal Component: Engine: Tetraedge
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Cc: Game: Syberia 2


When quitting from Syberia II from the main menu, there is no confirmation dialog, despite logs saying there should be.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Launch Syberia II in ScummVM
  2. On the main menu, click "Exit Game"

The game will quit immediately. In the console, you will see this:

mouse clicked button 'quitButton' (from leftup)
TeCore::findFile Searched but didn't find menus/confirm/confirmQuit.lua
WARNING: File::open: node does not exist!
WARNING: TeLuaThread::executeFile: File confirmQuit.lua can't be opened!
WARNING: confirm script not loaded, default to Yes.!

This does not happen in the original Syberia.

There is a confirmQuit.lua file in the following locations


(The Mac version only has the latter, the iOS version has both).

Versions Tested

  • ScummVM 2.8.0 Daily 2023-03-20 macOS x64
  • Syberia II 1.0.0 macOS (GOG release)
  • Syberia II 1.0.1 iOS

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