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GLK: SCOTT: fatal() and GlkExit() do return

Reported by: angstsmurf Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: GLK: Scott
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The Scott::fatal() method is supposed to print an error message and then exit, but seems to return after calling GlkExit(), which is also not supposed to return.

This causes an assert: "Assertion failed: (idx < _size), function operator[], file array.h, line 234" after showing the "Unsupported game! [press any key to exit]" message when trying to run an unsupported game.

The expected behaviour would be to either return to the launcher or exit ScummVM cleanly.

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comment:1 by hari01584, 9 months ago

How to reproduce this? What kind of games/files make scumm give unsupported game, please elaborate.

comment:2 by angstsmurf, 9 months ago

I seems that pretty much any file you give a .saga extension will be detected by ScummVM as "Scott Adams IF Game".

comment:4 by angstsmurf, 9 months ago


Perhaps we should file a separate bug report or feature request about the fact that the detection code is too permissive in assuming that any .saga file is a valid Scott Adams game.

comment:5 by hari01584, 9 months ago

Looked into the code, and it really has no checking for .saga, but not sure if this is by design(intentional) or actually a bug.

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