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DIRECTOR: The Dark Eye cannot find data files

Reported by: mystrw1 Owned by: moralrecordings
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Director
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Game - The Dark Eye
Game Engine- Director 4 (I believe...)
ScummVM version - v2.8.0git1498-g08b648e30f4 (Feb 16 2023, 08:28:47)
Game version - Windows
Game Language - English
Laptop OS - Win 10 (64 bit)

Hello. I was going to give the Director 4 game "The Dark Eye" a test try since you've now progressed that far with Director engine development. I installed the game to my hard drive and the game was recognized by Scumm and added to my games list using the above development build. When I START the game, I get the typical Warning/Start Anyway pop-up message ... but that is then followed by the following pop-up message : "The dark eye can not locate its data files. Please insert the dark eye CD and try again" Can you tell me if the games data files need to be copied into the game directory and, if so, which files need to be copied in...?

The following info. is produced when starting the game :

User picked target 'darkeye-win' (engine ID 'director', game ID 'darkeye')...

Looking for a plugin supporting this target... Macromedia Director

Running The Dark Eye (Windows/English)
DARKEYE.EXE: 67ba8428573dba0c8e12e7f02e4ef1bc, 742326 bytes.
WARNING: SearchSet::add: archive 'D:\Games\Dark_Eye\' already present!
Starting v404 Director game
WARNING: Could not find classicmacfonts.dat. Falling back to built-in fonts!
Director pixelformat is: CLUT8
WARNING: Lingo Inited!
WARNING: Window::loadEXEv4(): PJ93 projector flags: 0000000c!
WARNING: mmap: version: 0!
WARNING: RIFX: type: MV93!
WARNING: mmap: version: 0!
WARNING: STUB: Score::loadFrames. frame1Offset: 14 numFrames: 0 version: 4 spriteRecordSize: 14 numChannels: 32 numChannelsDisplayed: 30!
Please insert The Dark Eye CD and try again.)!ts data files.

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comment:1 by moralrecordings, 14 months ago

Thanks for trying out the Director engine! The Dark Eye is one of the many Director games which install a small stub to the hard drive and use the CD for the bulk of the data. As ScummVM can only see inside the target folder, you will need to copy over the "dkydata" folder from the CD into the folder containing the contents of the local install.

We've recently merged a couple of fixes related to path detection which benefit The Dark Eye, so it's worth trying on the latest daily build. That said, the game isn't supported yet; it relies on Inscape's custom SpaceMgr XObject to manage the navigation (a work in progress), and it's one of the few Director 4 titles to use 16-bit graphics (not very well tested).

comment:2 by moralrecordings, 14 months ago

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