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Unknown game variant for director (Official Guide to Babylon 5 - Windows version)

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Hi, I was looking at my CDs and found that this version of the game doesn't seem to be listed in the ScummVM detection tables; only the Mac version is listed. This is actually a hybrid Windows 95/Mac disc. Trying to detect the disc from the base folder did not work, but doing it from the B5REF folder worked.

ScummVM detected it as a v5.0.1r26 version game. After loading it, the game goes to a black screen and does nothing. I copied the text from the console window for reference.

Lemme know anything else you need to get this added to the detection tables.

The game in 'B5REF\' seems to be an unknown game variant.

Please report the following data to the ScummVM team at https://bugs.scummvm.org/ along with the name of the game you tried to add and its version, language, etc.:

Matched game IDs for the director engine: director-win-fallback

  {"B5TOUR.EXE", 0, "87f3188518ebf28da4db11334819cd63", 1410463}, ADGF_TAILMD5,
WARNING: Director fallback detection v5.0.1r26 (uses tail MD5)!
Running Macromedia Director Game (v5.0.1r26/Windows)
B5TOUR.EXE: 87f3188518ebf28da4db11334819cd63, 1410463 bytes.
Starting v500 Director game
WARNING: Could not find classicmacfonts.dat. Falling back to built-in fonts!
WARNING: Lingo Inited!
WARNING: info <Prod:>: <>!
WARNING: info <040904b0>: <>!
WARNING: info <FileVersion>: <5.0.1r26>!
WARNING: info <File:>: <>!
WARNING: info <StringFileInfo>: <>!
WARNING: info <ProductVersion>: <5.0.1>!
WARNING: info <FileDescription>: <Projector Skeleton>!
WARNING: info <OriginalFilename>: <Projectr.skl>!
WARNING: info <LegalCopyright>: <Copyright © 1985-1996 Macromedia, Inc.>!
WARNING: info <InternalName>: <PROJECTR>!
WARNING: info <CompanyName>: <Macromedia, Inc.>!
WARNING: info <VarFileInfo>: <>!
WARNING: info <LegalTrademarks>: <Director® is a registered trademark of Macromedia>!
WARNING: info <ProductName>: <Macromedia Director>!
WARNING: PJ95 projector pflags: 00000012  flags: 00000010!
WARNING: mmap: version: 4c1!
WARNING: RIFX: type: MV93!
WARNING: mmap: version: 4c1!
WARNING: Cast::loadCastData(): size3: 5a!
WARNING: Script 1 has no associated cast member!
WARNING: STUB: Score::loadFrames. unk1: 14 unk2: 0 unk3: 7 unk4: 18 unk5: 32 unk6: 0!

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Thanks for the report!
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