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AGI: Goldrush timing not correct again (regession?)

Reported by: Muyfa666 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGI
Version: Keywords: goldrush
Cc: Game: Goldrush

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I reported this on the old bug tracker, and the issue was fixed, and all was well.

Now I tried to play the game today with the latest daily build of ScummVM, and the timer is very erratic, so the game is hard to play.

Lots of info on the issue here: #4147

The version of the game used is V3.0, from Steam.

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comment:1 by sluicebox, 11 months ago

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Summary: Regression? Goldrush timing not correct againAGI: Goldrush timing not correct again (regession?)

comment:2 by sluicebox, 11 months ago

Thanks for reporting this. There's a lot in that old ticket, and most of the developers who were involved in it are no longer active, so we'll probably need some help from you to narrow this down. In my opinion, there hasn't been significant development on the AGI engine in some time, so you may have to be patient.

The big piece of information we need are steps to reproduce this. Even if you're just repeating some of the previous ticket, that will help whoever looks at this. It can be hard to untangle what happened in an old ticket if you weren't involved.

You may also be able to help narrow this down if you can test with older releases. If you're using Windows, you can often find old ones by changing the digits in the download urls, like . I don't know if there's a better way or if that applies to other platforms. If you can spot where things went wrong, that will be a huge help.

I don't know AGI and I haven't played Goldrush yet, but I hope to play it someday, so I'm rooting for this to be fixed. But there hasn't been a lot of AGI activity in recent history, so this ticket will probably need all the help it can get =)

comment:3 by Muyfa666, 11 months ago

On DOSBox (and real old hardware), the internal timer in Goldrush is consistant no matter what in-game speed you choose to play at - 1 second in real life equals 1 second in-game. This is important, since many event in this game happens at specific times.

When I play the game in ScummVM, the in-game speed "Normal" and "Slow" seem to be 1/1 in seconds (more or less) while "Fast" translates 1 real life second to 2 seconds in-game and "Fastest" translates 1 real life second to about 4 seconds in-game.

I also checked out King's Quest 3, as it also relies on timed events, and in this game, the timer is consistant, no matter what speed you choose.

In conclusion, the timer in Guldrush is supposed to be consistant with real life time, no matter what speed you choose.

comment:4 by Muyfa666, 11 months ago

V1.8.0 have the same bahavior as the latest version.

V1.7.0 are super strange. Some speeds work ok, "Fast" jumps like 10 seconds for every second.

Also, the Amiga versions was first reported to work fine, but that's not the case. It has the same timing issues.

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