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SCUMM: Ability to trigger the various screensavers manually in Sam & Max

Reported by: GermanTribun Owned by: AndywinXp
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Sam & Max is the first SCUMM-game that featured a screensaver. It actually featured several of them.

However, the game code was so biased that most of the time only the mosiac-screensaver was used. I honestly don't know how many different screensavers the game features (I know of the mosaic one and once witnessed the molten-screen one) but would it be possible that beside a better algorithm for the game to select which saver to use, would it also be possible to assign key combinations to the screensavers so they could be activated manually?

I honestly don't know if the savers are part of the game code, or part of the original EXE.

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comment:1 by AndywinXp, 18 months ago

If it can be demonstrated that the original interpreter isn't biased in the choice of fhe screensaver, then this might count as an issue (albeit a very low priority one...).

If not, this counts as an arbitrary and unneeded change, which is preferable to avoid, I'm sorry...

comment:2 by GermanTribun, 18 months ago

As I said, in 25+ years, I only saw a different screensaver once, so something has to be wonky. It would already be enough if the game simply remembers what the last used saver was and then cycle to the next one in the list the next time until all are done and it starts back at the start of the list.

comment:3 by GermanTribun, 18 months ago

I take it back.

While the original EXE and older versions of ScummVM were bad about this, the current stable version of ScummVM does seem to properly have a random selection which saver is used (I witnessed at least four different ones). I forgot to test it with the newest release.

Sorry, this can obviously be closed - though when checking it out I did notice a bug when returning from the screensaver that tends to mess up the music. Perhaps no one ever bothered to test that. Should I report that bug?

comment:4 by AndywinXp, 15 months ago

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