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Waxworks crashes in the Pyramids/Mine when an enemy hit you.

Reported by: Holy-Pat Owned by: NMIError
Priority: high Component: Engine: AGOS
Version: Keywords: waxworks
Cc: Holy-Pat Game: Waxworks

Description (last modified by Holy-Pat)

With the new release V2.6.0 (my computer is an 2017 intel MacBook Air with the latest macOS Monterey 12.5) I discovered a new bug with Waxworks. When you enter the Pyramids or the Mine and you got hit by an enemy, the game crashes. The engine just can not load the sound file. This happens with my original boxed Amiga version, as well as the PC version. I tested the English and German version. With the former V2.5.1 this bug isn't there. I also checked the latest nightly build. As far as I can tell other AGOS games such as Elvira I & II runs smooth as before.

Here is the logfile:

2022-08-04 16:14:39] ScummVM 2.6.0 (Jul 25 2022 21:21:42)
[2022-08-04 16:14:39] Vorbis FLAC MP3 TiMidity RGB zLib MPEG2 FluidSynth Theora AAC A/52 FreeType2 FriBiDi JPEG PNG taskbar TTS cloud (servers, local) TinyGL OpenGL (with shaders) OpenGL desktop only
[2022-08-04 16:14:39] --- Log opened.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] Running Waxworks (Floppy/DOS/German)
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] start: 036b647973d6884cdfc2042a3d12df83, 15354 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] icon.dat: ef1b8ad3494cf103dc10a99fe152ef9a, 20901 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] gamepc: 32ee34134422e286525c73e71bd0ea2d, 53523 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] statelst: 469e98c69f00928a8366ba415d91902d, 11104 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] menus.dat: 3409eeb8ca8b46fc04da99de67573f5e, 320 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] roomslst: e3758c46ab8f3c23a1ac012bd607108d, 128 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] xtbllist: 6c7b3db345d46349a5226f695c03e20f, 88 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] stripped.txt: f259e3e07a1cde8d0404a767d815e12c, 225 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:18:45] tbllist: 95c44bfc380770a6b6dd0dfcc69e80a0, 309 bytes.
[2022-08-04 16:19:19] loadSound: Reading beyond EOF (3822, 3818)!
[2022-08-04 16:19:19] Debugger started, type 'exit' to return to the game.
[2022-08-04 16:19:19] Type 'help' to see a little list of commands and variables.
[2022-08-04 16:19:19] ERROR: loadSound: Reading beyond EOF (3822, 3818)**

In the PC version is a workaround. If you disable "Prefer digital sound effects" in the Game tab, the game doesn't crash. Of course this only works with the PC version, not the Amiga one.

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Summary: Waxworks crashes in the Pyramids/Mine when a enemy hit you.Waxworks crashes in the Pyramids/Mine when an enemy hit you.

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This should be fixed in the next daily build. Could you please re-test and confirm?

comment:5 by Holy-Pat, 19 months ago

Can confirm with the latest daily build it (Wax)works again. :-) Tested both Amiga and DOS versions (Pyramid and Mine). You guys are awesome! Thanks for fixing that so fast!!!

comment:6 by NMIError, 19 months ago

No problem, thanks for reporting!

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