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WIN32: Wrong implicit icons path when no icons path is set in configuration file

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Currently, when no icons path is set in the configuration and ScummVM tries set the proper icons path by itself, it adds a "stray" ScummVM folder within the %APPDATA% directory.

Instead of %APPDATA%/ScummVM/Icons, it puts the files in %APPDATA%/ScummVM/ScummVM/Icons.

Since the wrong path is used not only for downloading the icon files, there's no visible error for the end user.

It does break the "Clear cache" functionality though, since the dummy files that are used to overwrite the current icons data are created as %APPDATA%/ScummVM/ScummVM/Iconsgui-icons-20211112.dat (note the missing / in "Iconsgui").

Tested with the current stable release 2.6.0 on Windows 11.

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comment:1 by lotharsm, 13 days ago

Looks like the issue is in the Win32 platform code itself, so other platforms are likely not affected.

comment:3 by lotharsm, 13 days ago

Backported to branch-2-6 as well, but could need more testing. We also need to verify other platforms are not affected.

comment:4 by lotharsm, 13 days ago

Cache clearing issue should be fixed with:

Tested on Win32 and on macOS (thanks a lot to criezy for helping me with this!), but it wouldn'T hurt if someone could validate the test results with an "empty" icons path and after setting one manually...

comment:5 by lotharsm, 12 days ago

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