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SCUMM: Two missing audio lines in German version of Sam and Max

Reported by: GermanTribun Owned by: AndywinXp
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Game Version: German CD

This is a problem that already existed in the original interpreter in Sam and Max. When talking to the owner of the Gator Golf about his golf ball retriever in the German version, the audio of the first two lines is skipped (but the subtitles are still there). Are the resources for those two lines not present at all or are they simply not called correctly? (the German version of the game has some code problems)

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comment:1 by dwatteau, 2 years ago

Thank you for reporting this original issue!

GOG provides the German version, so I had a look at this.

Here's the relevant part for this dialogue (script 78, room 24):

[09D5] (5D)   if (!bitvar62) {
[09DC] (43)     bitvar62 = 1
[09E2] (82)     animateActor(2,17)
[09E9] (CA)     delayFrames(10)
[09ED] (BA)     talkActor(sound(0x3500772, 0xA) + "Wei\xE1t Du, was das hier ist?",2)
[0A1D] (A9)     wait.waitForMessage()
[0A1F] (BA)     talkActor(sound(0x3507E00, 0xA) + "Das war meine Golfballzange." + wait() + "Bis einer der Alligatoren das Ende fein s\x84uberlich abgeknabbert hat." + wait() + "Bis ich mir eine Neue besorgt habe, mu\xE1 ich die Golfb\x84lle selber aus dem Wasser fischen.",4)
[0AF0] (A9)     wait.waitForMessage()
[0AF2] (BA)     talkActor(sound(0x351C68E, 0xA) + "Ist das nicht gef\x84hrlich?" + startAnim(21),2)
[0B24] (A9)     wait.waitForMessage()
[0B26] (CA)     delayFrames(7)
[0B2A] (82)     animateActor(2,22)
[0B31] (CA)     delayFrames(10)
[0B35] (BA)     talkActor(sound(0x3523D1C, 0xA) + "Sieh Dir das an." + startAnim(8),4)
[0B5E] (CA)     delayFrames(12)
[0B62] (A9)     wait.waitForMessage()
[0B64] (82)     animateActor(4,9)
[0B6B] (CA)     delayFrames(4)
[0B6F] (82)     animateActor(2,26)
[0B76] (CA)     delayFrames(9)
[0B7A] (73)   }

If I compare it with my English and French versions, I don't see any script error or change (except for the different text and audio offsets).

Opening the MONSTER.SOU file in ScummRev2, I had a listen at the Crea sample at offset 0x03507E0A: even there, this audio sample is missing the first two lines. I don't speak German, but I tried listening to the nearby samples and I couldn't find the missing spoken lines anywhere :(

I fear that they forgot to properly record or include it…

comment:2 by AndywinXp, 23 months ago

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I made some research too and sadly, I can confirm what dwatteu said... We can't do anything here... Closing!

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