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#13613 new defect

RISC OS Scumm 2.6.0 fails to start on RISC OS Pyromaniac

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Priority: normal Component: Port: RISC OS
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Testing ScummVM 2.6.0 using the stable release (non-VFP) exits silently but produces an error during startup in the stderr log, but I don't know what other useful information would help. This was using

The log output in stderr is:

WARNING: elfloader: Symbol "PLUGIN_getBuildDate" not found.!
WARNING: elfloader: Failed loading symbol 'PLUGIN_getBuildDate' from plugin '/<ScummVM$Dir>/plugins/detection.plg'!
WARNING: elfloader: plugin '/<ScummVM$Dir>/plugins/detection.plg' is missing symbols!
Audio write: Digital Renderer is already active.

"/data/src/common/stream.cpp", line 132: virtual bool Common::MemoryReadStream::seek(int64, int): Assertion failed: _pos <= _size

Fatal signal received: Aborted

Stack backtrace:

Running thread 0xe09aa8 (Main Thread)

( 130534c) pc: b7376c lr: b73c18 sp: 1305350 write_backtrace()
( 13053bc) pc: b7388c lr: b73f78 sp: 13053c0
( 13053cc) pc: b73f5c lr: b7c1cc sp: 13053d0 raise()
( 13053e0) pc: b7c190 lr: b3f1ec sp: 13053e4 abort()
( 1305404) pc: b3f194 lr: b6bbf8 sp: 1305408 assert2()
( 1305414) pc: e554 lr: 8d76e8 sp: 1305418 ?()
( 1305430) pc: 8d7644 lr: 8fb4d8 sp: 1305434 ?()
( 130548c) pc: 8fb390 lr: 8fd544 sp: 1305490 ?()
( 13056cc) pc: 8fd0c4 lr: e152c sp: 13056d0 ?()
( 1305808) pc: e12bc lr: e1844 sp: 130580c ?()
( 130582c) pc: e1760 lr: e2f30 sp: 1305830 ?()
( 130591c) pc: e2e2c lr: 82858 sp: 1305920 ?()
( 130595c) pc: 8276c lr: 83fc0 sp: 1305960 ?()
( 1305ac8) pc: 83c74 lr: 72d58 sp: 1305acc ?()
( 1305ae4) pc: 72cc0 lr: 8a218 sp: 1305ae8 ?()
( 1305c74) pc: 8a1f0 lr: 8ca84 sp: 1305c78 ?()
( 1305c88) pc: 8ca6c lr: 8cb6c sp: 1305c8c ?()
( 1305ce0) pc: 8cac8 lr: 16394 sp: 1305ce4 ?()
( 13064a4) pc: 16280 lr: b81fa0 sp: 13064a8 ?()
( 1306fc4) pc: 18d70 lr: 121b0 sp: 1306fc8 ?()
( 1306fec) pc: 120c0 lr: b81a74 sp: 1306ff0 ?()

Thread 0xe33630 (scummvm)

( 1305330) pc: b6bcdc lr: 97184c sp: 1302f48 pthread_yield_return()
( 1302f54) pc: b6bc54 lr: 97184c sp: 1302f58 pthread_yield()
( 1302f78) pc: 9717e4 lr: 9718d0 sp: 1302f7c ?()
( 1302f90) pc: 9718a8 lr: 9669cc sp: 1302f94 ?()
( 1302fac) pc: 966990 lr: 96fe98 sp: 1302fb0 ?()
( 1302fbc) pc: 96fe8c lr: b69d94 sp: 1302fc0 ?()
( 1302fcc) pc: b69d7c lr: 40 sp: 1302fd0


Obviously without any symbols present this makes it very difficult to see what it was trying to do.

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comment:1 by ccawley2011, 22 months ago

Component: --Unset--Port: RISC OS

Buildbot builds should now include function names for ScummVM code. Code in external libraries don't have function names yet, but if those are necessary I can provide a custom build with function names included.

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