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    • Property Summary Chewy: Sound effects at feeding cutscene wrongChewy: Sound effects wrong associated
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    initial v2  
    1 The sound effects during the prison feeding sequence is wrong/delayed. This is especially obvious in the second part with the tube on the face. But also Chewys stars above the head sound effect is missing (but i doubt anyone would really miss it ;))
     1Getting the information from the INH_TAP.TXT file (listing of DETAILS.TAP), as I don't know how to open TAP files, I can't further help here:
     4f5sfx020.voc (9) - sound for the feeding machine (other sound effects within scene seems to be OK)
     6probe room:
     7When at the machine for selecting the probe options:
     8wrong: slime.voc (0)
     10f5sfx007.voc (15)
     11f5sfx008.voc (16)
     12f5sfx009.voc (17)
     15energy center:
     16instead of the endless loop of the sound, i hear once a button
     17wrong: f5sfx007.voc (guess)
     18correct: newenerg.voc (53)
     21- instead of loop i hear only one time a button
     22wrong: f5sfx008.voc (guess)
     23correct: cybersp.voc (52)
     24- when the door open, clearly a wrong splash sound
     25wrong: bocabola2.voc
     26correct: door1.voc (guess, hard to hear)
     28command base F5:
     29the door button has a wrong sound (zapping)
     30wrong: treffer1.voc (11)
     31correct: door1.voc
     33crash landing:
     34wrong: slime.voc
     35correct: there should be fire sound in a loop, instead you can hear the slime drop
     37chicken farm
     38wrong: f5sfx067.voc (the stupid wink wink sound)
     39correct: the sound for the teeth falling into the glass (can be potential also just the splash sound), or maybe something barely hearable within the dog react
     41small town:
     42-train leaving small town sequence (NOT with chewy)
     43wrong: f5sfx038.voc
     44correct: choo choo sound for the train
     45-twin gets splashed by loca lola machine
     46wrong: Piff.voc
     47correct: bocabola2.voc (guess)
     48-opening the attic door gives a creaking door sound
     49wrong: f5sfx067.voc (the stupid wink wink sound)
     51big city:
     52- opening the door of the taxi (car door sound)
     53wrong: f5sfx067.voc (the stupid wink wink sound)
     54- when the vacuum cleaner get out of the door, the sound is wrong
     55wrong: kuckuc.voc
     56- when the window cleaner at the publisher gets lowered, the sound should be like a lift going down
     57wrong: splash sound (bocabola2.voc?)
     58- using the vacuum cleaner on the cockroaches, not the sound of the vacuum
     59wrong: f5sfx038.voc (opening small door of probe)
     60- taxi in harbour making wrong sound (should be car engine)
     61wrong: f5sfx038.voc (opening small door of probe)
     62- in the harbour, instead of the sea atmo sound, the sound for the window cleaner lift is playing
     63wrong: window cleaner lift sound (up and down)
     66- when chewy is getting redressed, there should be the sound of blinds opening
     67wrong: window cleaner lift sound (up and down)
     68- entering jungle, the chirping atmo loop should be played
     69wrong: slime.voc
     70- paddling sound for race
     71wrong: slime.voc
     72- water atmo loop at river of the village
     73wrong: slime.voc
     74- the cooking water sound in the village
     75wrong: slime.voc
     77lost valley:
     78- the waterfall sound
     79wrong: slime.voc
     80- jungle atmo
     81wrong: slime.voc
     82- putting the golden clint on the pedestal, should be zapping sound (f5sfx052.voc?)
     83wrong: slime.voc
     84- the lifting of the platform when putting clint on pedestal
     85wrong: slime.voc
     87secret base:
     88- when the borx encounter that the clint statue gets replicated, we hear chewies mocking sound
     89wrong: f5sfx067.voc
     90- press of the start button should set an alarm sound
     91wrong: boing.voc